Luggage Rack for 2018+ Gold Wing

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Luggage Rack for 2018+ Gold Wing
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Sharp new laser designed specifically for the 2018 & Newer GL1800 Goldwings. 
Easy to install drill 4 holes through plastic screw covers to install spacers and mounting screws.
Great addition allowing you to add a trunk, strap down a suitcase or back pack.
Hardware is all black powder coated. 

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Blythewood, SC
Not worth the price over the Honda OEM

I thought I would try saving a few dollars over the Honda OEM. I'm sorry to say that this wasn't worth the savings. The powder coating is subpar, the directions were incomplete, and the hardware is mismatched. The directions call for cutting out a template, which wasn't included. So I had to mark the holes for drilling manually. The next problem was the 9/16" spade bit which was included. The bit is perfectly acceptable, however the spacers are LARGER than 9/16", thereby rendering the holes too small. I had to enlarge them with a dremel and sanding drum. Once I got everything mounted, it now feels very secure, but the installation pains and the subpar build quality and directions leave a sour taste in my mouth. Would not recommend.

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