Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs for 2018 Honda Gold Wing

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Aero Flip-Out Highway Pegs for 2018 Honda Gold Wing
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The Aero Pegs® Highway mount system combines style and functionality in a way no other highway peg can. Their Stealth design remains almost unseen when not in use. With a flick of your boot they fold out for added comfort on long rides. They will not drag even during the most extreme cornering.  With five different mounting positions providing seven inches of forward and back travel, they are a sure fit for any size rider.  CNC machined from a solid block of T6061 billet aluminum, they are strong and lightweight. Steel mounts are silver powder coated and aluminum pegs are black anodized to blend in with the engines finishes.

  • Patented Aero Stealth hideaway Highway pegs and mount stystem (U.S. PAT.: 7,823,900)
  • Pegs flip in and out easily with your foot
  • Will NOT drag even under the most extreme cornering
  • Five mounting positions provide 7” of forward and backward movement
  • CNC machined from solid billet aluminum and laser cut steel
  • Powder coated silver steel and anodized black aluminum finish to match engine
  • Aerodynamic styling compliments the look of your bike

Weight: 15 lbs

Dimensions: 14 x 10 x 6 in

Fitment: 2018 Honda Gold Wing models

6 Member Reviews

Lakeland, FL
Great product

There aren’t a lot of good choices for foot pegs for the 2018...Honda’s fault, but these are the best option. All the others look like add on’s, these don’t even show when not in use. They were easy to put on for a novice, and work great. Easy to fold out on the road while riding. Yes...they are heavy when you take them out of the box, but, I really think this 6 cylinder engine doesn’t mind! Lol. I wish they weren’t quite so wide for my legs, but that is the fault of this huge engine, not the pegs. They have never scraped while leaning over in a curve..not even close. Overall, they are the best option for foot pegs out there. They are the best add on’s I’ve put on the bike.

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Groves, TX
Not adjustable

Installed and after a few trips, I’m regretting them. While they are adjustable length wise, some what, they are either open or closed, so my feet were at a 90 degree angle with the bike. I will be changing them out.

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Washington DC, DC
Great Product

These pegs are wonderful. They are so beautifully integrated to the bike, especially when not in use and folded away. All the others look gaudy and "Added on". Installation is fairly easy but there are 2 slight knocks. 1) When you purchase the pegs and hols them in your hands they are HEAVY. 2) There's a lip on the edge of the pegs and on a few occasions when pulling up to a stoplight my foot has gotten hung up on that lip and almost caused me to tip over. As for those complaining about the HONDA logo being covered, this is true, however, at 6'1" my position fully covers the logo whereas a shorter rider may only cover half the logo which looks meh...

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Great Product!

Just received pegs and installed on bike yesterday. Very impressed with the fit and finish of item. All parts fit perfectly and was an easy install, especially with the video that you can find on the order page.
Would highly recommend.

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Lake Grove, NY
Absolutely Fantastic Solution !!

First off, I am very puzzled by the other review on this product, because the writer said that he didn't even INSTALL them, but that they "looked" too bulky, and "covered the Honda sign". Who cares about covering ONE of the Honda signs (there are several of them on the bike, and it is clearly a HONDA bike anyway !! ). Well, I DID install them, and I have used them for more than 2 months now, they are an absolutely fantastic solution for highway pegs on this bike. They are NOT bulky at all, and they blend in perfectly with the bike. In fact, I have had to actually specifically point them out to people who are looking at my bike, because virtually no one noticed them until I pointed them out !. They provide a very streamline look when not in use, and they are VERY easy to open or close while you are riding at highway speed by simply moving your foot under the peg to open them ( I don't even need to look at them while I am doing this). I used them on a 150 mile ride on the NY Thruway, and it made a very long ride very relaxing. I actually purchased these directly from the manufacturer several months ago, because at the time, Wingstuff did not stock it. I spoke directly with the VP of production at RIVCO (the manufacturer) and they told me that the product features shear screws, so that if you ever accidentally dropped the bike while the pegs are extended, they will "break off" so that they don't damage the valve covers of the bike !!! This WAS a problem for the previous models of these pegs, because I was going to get them for my 2015 GW 2 years ago, but that "breakaway" feature did not exist at that time, and it was a known deficiency that would actually penetrate the valve covers in an accidental drop ( in a parking lot, etc ), and cause immediate catastrophic loss of engine oil through the penetrated valve covers. That problem has now been fixed with these new pegs for the 2018 model, since it comes with "soft" screws on a section of the mounting area that are designed to shear off if the bike accidentally drops. Otherwise, they are VERY sturdy, VERY well made, and they blend in perfectly with the bike. The powder coating is beautiful. Best of all, you do NOT get that SCRAPING that you get with other types of highway pegs when you make tight turns, despite you not even using the pegs at the time. These pegs don't protrude when you aren't using them, so they can not scrape on turns. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

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