Shock Spring Compressor Tool for GL1800

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Shock Spring Compressor Tool for GL1800
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If you are looking to rebuild your preload adjuster, replace your shock, or service your shock on your GL1800 Goldwing you will need to remove the spring. Traxxion has finally brought to production a low cost easy to use shock spring compressor designed specifically for the GL1800. The Traxxion Shock Spring Compressor for the GL1800 will work on all rear shocks from 2001-2018.

Simply remove the shock from the motorcycle, place shock in a vise, place the Traxxion Shock Spring Compressor on top of the preload collar with the notch over the hose fitting, use the OEM top mount bolt to attach the compressor clevis to the top eyelet of the shock.

Use a 19mm wrench to thread the nut down putting pressure on the preload collar. Once you have compressed the spring enough you will expose the circlip under the preload collar. Remove the circlip; slowly release the pressure by threading the nut upward. Remove the bolt holding the compressor to the shock. Once all pressure has been released remove preload collar and spring.

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