Rear Shock for 2018 Gold Wing

Traxxion Dynamics

Rear Shock for 2018 Gold Wing
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Rear shock for the 2018 Honda Gold Wing from Traxxion Dynamics.

Traxxion has developed a suspension that is more comfortable for both rider and passenger. The load support is improved, leading to a more confidence inspired riding experience.

Rear shock includes the Traxxion Steel Braided Line for 2018 Gold Wing Pre-Load Adjuster

As with the previous generation Gold Wing the 2018 has a rubber line that allows air to get in the line for the hydraulic preload adjuster. Traxxion Dynamics recommends bleeding the preload adjuster and topping it off with fresh oil plus installing the Traxxion Dynamics Steel Braided Line. The steel braided line replaces the OEM plastic line.

The OEM line tends to swell over time which allows air in the system. When there is air in the system you do not have a full range of adjustment with the preload adjuster.

With the Traxxion Dynamics Steel Braided Line, manufactured specifically for the 2018 model Gold Wing, the system will be sealed much better than OEM. Very similar to steel braided lines in a brake system.

Weight: 8 lbs

Dimensions: 26x8x8 in

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