Bridgestone G852/G853 Tires for 2018 Gold Wing


Bridgestone G852/G853 Tires for 2018 Gold Wing
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Designed in conjunction with Honda, specifically for the 2018 Gold Wing. OEM on the new generation of Honda Gold Wing. Unidirectional pattern for reliable performance on dry and wet roads. The tread compound maximizes traction and mileage.

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Great handling tire, no issues in the wet

I own a 2018 Yamaha Star Venture that uses this size tires.

Sadly I picked up screw in the rear tire and ended up having to replace it.

These tires are very stiff so I was unable to mount the tire with my Nomar manual tire changing machine, you will likely need to have shop mount the tire on the rim.

The tire handles very good in the dry and on wet surfaces I have not had any problems, the tire also rides very well. I can’t comment on longevity due to picking up a screw with only 1400 miles on the tire. The screw was pretty large and went in at an angle tearing the inside of the tire.

What time I have ridden the tire I find it to be a competent tire. Wing stuff also has the best price I could find and shipping was fast.

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