Shorty CB Antenna Staff Upgrade for 2018 Gold Wing


Shorty CB Antenna Staff Upgrade for 2018 Gold Wing
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If you are looking for THE BEST performing shorty-style CB antenna upgrade for your 2018 Honda Gold Wing GL1833, look no further than J&M.

This shorty antenna model comes out of the package pre-tuned for all 40-channel CB radio frequencies.

Installation is a snap as you simply unscrew by hand the stock Honda CB antenna, screw in the included SS antenna stud, slide over the molded trim bushing and then screw on the new J&M shorty CB staff.

With total overall length at approximately 17”, this new shorty CB antenna option looks great and compliments the lines and contours of the 2018 Wing.

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TampaBay, FL
Nice Feature To My GL1800

Nothing hard about install-the icing on the cake is when I decide to place my mc cover over the GW for the night I just unscrew the shorty and stick it in trunk! No worries with theft of the OEM Antenna ne more because it's in the shed back home.
Great transmit & reception to boot actually better than the OEM it seems.

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