Chrome Wheel Spoke Accents


Chrome Wheel Spoke Accents
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No need to spend lots of money chroming your front wheel when you can create that same effect with this Kuryakyn GL1800 Chrome Wheel Spoke Accents. When combined with a Front LED Ring of Fire the effect is Amazing!

Extremely lighweight in design, these are designed not interfere with wheel balancing, allowing installation without needing to re-balance your wheel. If you don't want to spend lots of money chroming your stock GL1800 wheel, this is the way to go for a fraction of that cost. If you don't have a LED Ring of Fire, we suggest doing that, these Chrome Whell Spoke Accents act like a mirror, creating a lighting affact is Amazing!

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Cape May Area, NJ
Still Going Strong !

I have to say, I Bought these about 5 years ago
and they are still going strong !!!
I read some of the reviews and i have to disagree with the people that haven't put them on yet, using Tape from a auto store just isn't going to hold up with dirt,sand,water. why would you think it would look as good. if you have the Ring Of fire that i do why would you want anything else reflecting your investment?

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Maricopa, AZ

People posting reviews who do not own these, or have not yet even installed them but are giving 3 stars based on the reviews of others until they get around to installing? How do you people come to think it a good idea to review products you have not used? These are chrome stickers to put on your spokes and they are great for what they are. You know what they are and their price before you buy them. Don't use those things to rank down a product after the fact.

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Panama City, FL

These look very good took my time installing took fender and rotor covers off but be careful you only get one chance to put them in place because once they touch thats it, put the straps on like the instructions said will update if i should have any problems later.Also they show off the ring of fire good.

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Panama City, FL

Giving these a three right now due to some of the other reviews i haven,t had a chance to put them on yet hopefuly when i do they stay put i beleive they will serve the purpose for the front rim. Will update later.

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Mc Guyver
South, LA

one word ....JUNK!

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  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
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