Power Amplifier & Speaker Kit for 2018 Gold Wing


Power Amplifier & Speaker Kit for 2018 Gold Wing
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Includes high-output 4-channel 220-watt amplifier and four upgraded 55-watt four inch speakers. Specificially designed for your motorcycle to provide clean and crisp music for the ultimate audio experience on the open road. 

Requires Rear Speaker Attachment Kit Part #08B71-MKC-A00

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Better than Stock Setup.

These speakers have a larger voice coil therefor, the sound output is better. They will not blow you away, but are a much needed improvement over the stock sound. They have a slightly larger and stronger magnet as well. The amp is plane-jane and will be hidden in the rear of the left side case. The amp comes with a plastic cover to block anything from interfering with the amp and connectors and to keep any heat produced away from items stored in that side case. Three holes are drilled in the rear of the inner side case and three 90* grommets are used to vent any heat produced by the amp. Two other small holes are drilled in the bottom of the case for mounting the amp bracket.

The install is not very difficult, just time consuming due to all the panels that need to come off the bike. The hardest part of the install is tucking all the extra wiring away in the small area Honda designed for them to go.

Overall, this system sounds better than stock but IMO not worth the $1,000 asking price. For the price point, Honda should have included some good quality 2-way speakers to really make this system worth the price. The cone speakers are working triple duty trying to provide the lows, mids, and highs. That's asking a lot out of a small 4" speaker. If 2-ways were included, the the speaker would be able to perform more efficiently and ultimately sound much better, louder, and crisper. I will eventually upgrade these speakers to at least 2-way speakers down the road.

Also, same result as stock setup with front speakers being much louder than the rears. I adjusted the fade control to to the rear at level 4 to get equal sound front and rear.

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nahariya gordon 11, IL

wear the amplipier is the 2018 glodwing ?

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Washington DC, DC
Better Than Factory Speakers

The two factory speakers on the 2018 Wing aren't very loud at 55 mph. This amp/ speakers will perform well enough to hear at speed. I do notice that the front speakers play considerably louder than the rears which is why I'm not thrilled about the system.

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