Sentinel LED Passenger Armrest Light Gloss Black

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Sentinel LED Passenger Armrest Light Gloss Black
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These powerful integrated lights run in three modes; red running, a brighter red brake, and a sequential amber turn signal when activated. The lights wrap around the passenger armrests to provide added safety to the rear and side of the bike. They create an attention getting bright LED that is more easily seen at eye level to approaching vehicles to help you to be seen. The stylish chrome ABS housing is beautiful and functional, reflecting the lights for more effectiveness. They easily attach with strong self adhesive tape and wire connectors for an easy integration into the bike's system. Sold in pairs.

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Black Sentinel LED Passenger Armrest Light

These look great in black and work well. Arrived with plastic front corner broken (reason for the 4 rating), but after crazy glue and double-sided automotive tape installed them as is. Front corner may be a place for snagging on passenger clothing. Easy install. Instructions more than sufficient with multiple options. Not plug and play. Wire taps easy to hook into bike wiring. Installed with sequential LED spoiler light with dynamic brake and running lights. Tapped into the plug & play adapter that came with it.

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  • GL1800 2006-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2006-2017