Elite 801 Series Slide-In Headset for Shorty (1/2) Helmets


Elite 801 Series Slide-In Headset for Shorty (1/2) Helmets
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Introducing the NEW elite 801 series helmet headset ,,,, THE VERY BEST performing helmet headset available!

This new model Elite 801 series helmet headset from J&M has been designed to be installed into most shorty-style (1/2 shell) helmets with our exclusive slide-in shorty-style mounting system.

It features our miniature extra-high-output (XHO) AeroMike® VI boom microphone, (re-tuned for use with all factory installed motorcycle audio systems), new 40mm high-intensity helmet speakers for improved on-highway audio performance, along with our 8-pin two-piece hook-up cord system (upper cord ONLY included with headset) that allows connection of these headsets to any factory installed motorcycle audio system in existence today, including the 1998-2018 Harley Infotainment systems & Honda GL-1800 Premium Audio, just by interchanging the lower section hook-up cord.

Packaged with universal clamp-on type mounting hardware and complete installation instructions.

Made-In-The-USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona, from both domestic and foreign raw materials.


You will need to choose a "Z" series lower-section hook-up cord from the chart below for proper connection of this headset to your specific audio system. Available under Recommended Products on this page.


HC-ZB - 1980–2017 w/5-pin system

HC-ZBV - w/inline volume control for 1980–2017 5-pin system

HC-ZB-S - w/integrated aux speaker jack 1980–2017 5-pin system


HC-ZJM - 1999–2018 w/6-pin system

HC-ZMV - w/inline volume control 1999–2018 6-pin system

HC-ZJM-S - w/integrated aux spkr jack 1999–2018 6-pin system

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