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The Perfect Ride HandGuards
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Incredible Lifetime Unconditional Warranty to original purchaser. That includes damage due to crashes or whatever happens.

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  1. Hands stay dry in rain, even low speed or standstill. 
  2. Fingers significantly warmer, due to no wind chill. 
  3. Gauntlet-flare directs wind/rain away from arms. 
  4. Bulky, costly cold weather gloves are redundant.
  5. In blazing sun hands shaded, lower sunburn/melanoma risk.
  6. Bug guts, stone hits on hands are history.
  7. Electric grip warmers effective on hand backs too. 
  8. E-Z on/off with no tools in 3-4 minutes.
  9. Lock-to-lock steering, cruise control as normal.
  10. HelmetPosts are included at no extra charge.

Hand protectors have become standard equipment on some bikes, after-market on others. Ducati, BMW, Harley, KTM, others ... but not even available for Goldwings. Until now that is.

It was worth waiting for the best. These are the most protective available and the best quality we’ve seen. Partial wind ‘deflection’ is better than nothing of course, but with deflectors rain & wind still hit the hands. Not so with HandGuards.

Attachment is as ‘OEM’ as it gets. The finest 316 stainless bolts simply replace Honda’s own. HandGuards are made of UV-resistant ABS – Honda’s bodywork is also ABS. They’re not cheap, because they’re not cheap.

HelmetPosts (normally $25) are included at no extra charge and are useful several times a day – even if HandGuards are on the bike for a while.

Hard-over steering lock tested. Cruise control is unaffected: Worth mentioning because certain fabric hand protectors cancel cruise control by hitting the levers in wind. Cruise control means using only hard hand protection.

More on HandGuards:

Wingers have the best weather protection on two wheels – but not for our hands. Fingers are the most-exposed extremities, yet the most necessary. In cold/rain they get stiff, slower to react. Cold fingers also distract your concentration. 

When it rains, soaked gloves get even colder; waterproof ones are still wet outside the water-resistant membrane, which often seeps at the seams.

Drying out favorite gloves is a nuisance and it's bad for the leather.

Wind chill's not news. But did you know it'll near-freeze pinkies at 45??

Or, that blasting hot air is even more uncomfortable than still hot air? HandGuards provide shade from blazing sun, which reduces sunburn on the backs of exposed hands – and some melanoma risk.

On perfect days, HandGuards have little temperature effect either way. We leave ours on regardless. But, if you prefer, they take very little space when stuffed with rain gear.

However once you've experienced the difference in sudden adverse weather changes, which happen to every rider – you'll never be caught without. 

They are aerodynamically engineered with flares to direct wind over and under wrists, not blowing up sleeves; they actually act like gauntlets.

We now wear fingerless gloves even in the cold, preferring to 'feel' the buttons, switches and levers. Honda's heated grips work great, even through our Kuryakyn grip covers for bigger hands. Previously, the inside of hands were hot while the backhands were cold. Now heated grips actually warm both sides; no wind chill makes all the difference.

Bulky heavy gloves are history. That's preferable because they are so un-tactile.

5 Member Reviews

Barre, VT
mods for the 2018 DCT

I made them fit on the 2018 DCT. Riding season starts in a few weeks(?)These are a must for cool to cold weather. I am not one for wearing winter gloves while I ride. It's also handy that you can easily remove when the weather gets warm

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Barre, VT
Very handy

These work exceptionally well. I don't like wearing gloves when I ride. This is the perfect solution.
I am now working on a mod to adapt them to my 2018 DCT(no clutch perch)
Best add on accessory ever. A bit over priced but what GW accessory isn't
I remove when warmer weather arrives

yes no
I like this product.

Will take a little getting use to, they block the mirrors, not completely but enough to make it hard to "quick glance" behind you. As far as wind protection, these are FANTASTIC! Have not been in the rain with them yet but I am sure these will do their job and keep my hands dry.

3 out of 6 people found this helpful
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Outstanding...just a couple of tweaks

I use a Kaoko throttle control (long story about why) so I had to not use the right hand throttle end attachment and widened the hole to accommodate the guard... works fine the pivot mounting bolt is plenty sturdy. Left side attached with no issues. Regular winter weight gloves work exceptionally well in high 30's to 40's. Even in the mid-30's I never turned the grip heaters above a '3' setting. Above 50 I use non-vented leather gauntlet style gloves with the grip heaters off. IF you ride cold weather... highly recommended

5 out of 6 people found this helpful
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Aberdeen, WA
Not "Perfect" but definitely recommend!

I think these are tailored to GL1800. They work on GL1500 but there is a "cut out" on the right guard on top where the throttle cables are supposed to go through (the GL1500 cables exit from the bottom), so there is a gap where more wind enters (will probably put tape over it).

And i immediately found that i couldn't turn my steering full lock....the helmet posts and guards hit windsheild. I lowered my handlebars down as far as i could with them still being comfortable but the helmet posts still hit a little bit (but at least now i can lock my steering).

Also, when turning tight my inside hand gets pretty bound up as they are inside the guards and "wedged" into an uncomfortable position.

With all that being said though......i give it 4 out of 5 stars, and say they are well worth it if you ride in the rain. Warm dry hands outweigh the imperfections of "The Perfect Ride" hand guards!

6 out of 7 people found this helpful
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