Tri-Flo 4.5 Inch Slip-On Mufflers for GL1800 & F6B


Tri-Flo 4.5 Inch Slip-On Mufflers for GL1800 & F6B
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These 4.5-inch Tri-Flo slip-on mufflers produce a deep mellow note that compliments the smoothness of the Gl1800's engine. Machined aluminum tips polish off these easy to mount mufflers.

These slip-ons start as four-inch round bodies where they meet the stock head pipes, then expand to their 4.5-inch tri-oval shape at the rear, before being capped off with beautifully machined chromed tips. Installation couldn't be much easier, and the deep sound gives the Gold Wing a deeper tone without a whole lot more volume. Passengers especially will appreciate the improved exhaust note that retains the Wing's remarkably civilized voice.

Also fits the F6B and 2011 and earlier Wings, though on the earlier Wings the mufflers will extend past the end of the bags by a few inches.

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