Mens Street Ace Waterproof Riding Shoe Black


Mens Street Ace Waterproof Riding Shoe Black
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The TCX Street Ace Shoes are chock-full of waterproof riding protection, with a distinctly casual appearance that doesn’t advertise an ounce of the features within. The handsomely finished full grain leather upper is not only easy on the eyes, but disguises sneaky motorcycle amenities in the way of heel and toe counters as well as both medial and lateral malleolus ankle inserts. Complete with a waterproof lining, the TCX Street Ace Waterproof Shoes are everyday riding shoes that are ready for a trip around the block or a tour across the country.

24/7, the most comprehensive range of motorcycling footwear devised to ride safely and stylishly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TCX® has always placed a particular focus on listening to and analysing the needs of its reference target and it is thanks to these listening and comprehension skills that the brand has been able to accommodate the needs of such a quickly-evolving market. New segments arise and the opportunity arises to meet all the needs of those motorcyclists who use their bike as a means of transport to get to work or during their free time, offering a range of footwear that blends in seamlessly with their lifestyle, with their way of dressing and with their way of being without forgoing protective solutions, which are essential for bikers. This large portion of motorbike enthusiasts were unaware until now that they could find a range of footwear that is perfectly in keeping with their world and all featuring CE Certified safety characteristics, thanks to systems that protect the malleolus, heel and toe areas. The new 24/7 range was devised with them in mind, and it is split into 3 segments, depending on the types and styles of use.

Versatile footwear, which easily matches everyday casual and modern clothing, with innovative stylistic solutions, such as the famous sneakers, which are painstakingly designed to protect the foot and ankle.

  • UPPER: full grain leather
  • LINING: waterproof
  • REINFORCEMENTS: toe and heel counter, malleolous, leather shift pad
  • FOOTBED: anatomic and replaceable
  • CLOSURE: lacing system + lateral zip and Velcro band
  • SOLE: sole with specific tread to offer a superior grip on any terrain. Ideal construction technique
  • SIZE RANGE: US 3-13

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