Flash 2 Pass Garage Door Opener


Flash 2 Pass Garage Door Opener
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The Flash2Pass system turns your existing headlight high-beam switch into a transmitter to open and close your garage door or gate. Flash2Pass can be installed in less than 15 minutes with standard household tools. Flash2Pass operates with most automatic garage door opener brands* manufactured since 1982 up to the present. It works with virtually any vehicle with a 12-volt system. Compatible with all motorcycles.

The Flash2Pass system uses its own unique, proprietary signal match from the transmitter to the receiver. It also changes every time you use the transmitter so it can’t be copied. The system works like any other remote garage door opener, the advantage being the fact that it’s hotwired to your flash button so you don’t need an additional remote control.
  • Uses an encrypted radio frequency (RF) signal
  • Safely and conveniently opens doors/gates; eliminates the need to carry and use a standard, push button door opener
  • No extra switches or buttons needed, activated by the double clicking of the headlight high beam or other 12 volt switch
  • Works with any vehicle with a 12-Volt electrical system: motorcycles, cars, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts
  • Proprietary receiver operates with virtually all automatic garage door or gate opener brands manufactured from 1982 to the present
  • Easy, DIY instructions; installs in less than 15 minutes with standard household tools
  • Unobstructed range of more than 100 feet
  • Weatherproof transmitter
  • Patented technology
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

*If your opener has a YELLOW wire antenna hanging from the motor, AND it is a Chamberlain, Craftsman or Liftmaster opener, Flash2Pass currently does not work with your particular model

3 Member Reviews

Chicago, IL
Waste of Money

OK Flash2Pass. You got my $120. Installed per instructions. Even figured out the Goldwing setup. Both receiver and transmitter worked. It initially worked INSIDE the garage AFTER I found out that the instructions omitted the part where you have to ERASE all receiver memory and re-program. BUT I never could get the darn thing to work outside the garage WITH the receiver almost at the door and the transmitter on top of the fuse box in full view. I spent so much time working my garage door that the motor gave out. No need in trying to repair a 15 year old opener. Purchased new opener BUT it is smart control AND has the yellow antenna which the F2P small print says DOES NOT WORK!!So after successfully installing my new opener, I still tried to hook up the F2P. The receiver never turned on. So I took everything out packaged it up and will dispose of. What a waste of money! I can use one of the remotes with my new opener and figure out where I am going to put it in the Wing. We live, we learn.

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Worth every penny!!

I bought this products years ago and installed it myself. The wall unit replaces your current garage door opener wall switch. The module mounts behind the fairing or where ever is convenient. Two wires on the module. One connects to a ground the other connects to the power lead of your high beam bulb. Once you set it up, its as easy as flash your high beams on, off, on and the door opens. No remotes to lose or replace batteries on. I've had this on a sport touring bike, four Harleys, and now my F6B. Wouldn't want to ever be without it!!

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Lorain, OH
Flash to pass

Had to always carry my garage door opener, now with flash to pass much easier to open garage door. Great product.

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