Pathfinder Dynamic-Sequential LED Front Indicators with DTR Lights

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Pathfinder Dynamic-Sequential LED Front Indicators with DTR Lights
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This fantastic light assembly replaces the standard front directional light with the latest in LED technology. This adds the ultimate light upgrade with dual functionality to your Gold Wing. The PATHFINDERLED high performance LED day time running light with its bright white LED, enables you to be seen with instant visibility. This is similar to the technology seen in modern vehicles. When the directional indicator is activated, the white running light goes off and the “Dynamic–Sequential” amber LEDs begin to run. They give a visual alert to the opposing traffic with the direction you are turning. Once turning is complete, the day time running light returns back to normal operation. Designed from the ground up, the light provides enhanced functionality, upgrades the look of the bike and provides more safety for your Wing. The part is sold in pairs.


2006+ GL1800 - Plug N Play (Note: Non US Spec models may not be Plug N Play and you should consult the local motorcycle technician for options.);        

2001-2005 requires adapter: P/N: 0105A Available in Recommended Products

F6B requires adapter: P/N: F6B1A Available in Recommended Products

DOES NOT WORK WITH BB52-915 & BB52-915 Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light KitS for F6B, GL1800

Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase. SocalMotoGear will replace a unit under warranty due to LED failure. Warranty does not cover condensation as this could be a result of riding in different weather conditions.

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easy to install. low beams were a little harder than the high beams , because the wiring has to be joined together and the low beams are further forward then the high beams. little tight to get the left high beam in but I give it an easy rating because it is something you can do, just take your time.on the 2007 the relay is under the front garnish and very easy to change out,it has the rubber end that goes onto a metal brace behind the metal bar that is vertical just below the windshield.

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Cincinnati, OH
Super nice set of signals

These signals are a very nice upgrade. Installation was fairly easy, but getting the LED flasher in was a little tight to get at. Pretty happy with the purchase, and item quality.

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Jacobus, PA
I really like them

These pieces look sharp both when the bike is running and when it's not! When off, the dividing lines on the lenses are much more eye-catching than the bland amber lenses that come stock on the bike. When on, the DRLs tie in to the front of the bike much better than the amber lights ever could.

The Cruiseman video on YouTube definitely helps you make light work of the installation. Paired with the LED Pathfinder bulbs in your headlights, this product definitely increases conspicuity and modernizes the look of the bike.

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Federal Way, WA

Very nice light set. The added daytime brightness is a nice safety upgrade. I watched the videos for installation and it went well. Take your time. The flasher install takes the longest. Tiny hands and patience help. If you don't use the flasher provided you will get the hyper-flash. Well worth the time when done. Yes you do lose the blink feature with the key fob but the rears still flash. Also with the key on ACC the day runners will stay on. Low draw so no big deal. Anything that helps you be seen is great. These look sharp.

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Monroe, LA
Be aware of this

I just installed my LED's yesterday. The video says the flasher is optional. I didn't install it and the rear boi pers flash very fast so install it. Also beware of this. After install g this product when you hit the lock button on your key fob, the front blinkers will no longer blink to tell you your bike is locked. Also, when you turn the key over to accessories to say listen to the radio, the blinker lights will come on. I am told it does this because they are powered by a hot power line. Not happy about this but guess I'll have to live with it. Not giving the product a 5 rating because of these 2 problems I don t care for.

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