Air Filter Intake Screens for GL1800

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Air Filter Intake Screens for GL1800
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These are ingenious pieces giving a unique function for the GL1800. The screens help to keep debris from accessing the air intakes, sustaining the Wing's performance at its peak. The screens also assist in preventing small animals from nesting in the air intakes when your GL1800 is put in storage for the winter months. Once critters are nested, they can typically cause seriously inconvenient damage that can be costly to repair. The black screens are made of metal and have 72 air holes to ensure proper air flow for the air filter. They measures 4 1/8 inches long and 2 3/8 inches wide and come in pairs with rubber “O” rings. They are simple to install by placing the screen over the air intake, bending the tabs slightly and adding the “O” ring over the tabs for a secure fit. These fit all GL1800 bikes.

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