Blu<>Hub Dual-Module Driver/Passenger Stereo Bluetooth Dongle Kit


Blu<>Hub Dual-Module Driver/Passenger Stereo Bluetooth Dongle Kit
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This is J&Ms Blu<>Hub® dual-module stereo Bluetooth Dongle featuring the latest CSR BlueCore8 IC chip-set, with low-latency A2DP stereo software profile.

This Blu<>Hub dongle system allows one or two Bluetooth helmet headsets (that include the A2DP profile in their software stack) to link to the dongle and share the common stereo music source from the GL1800 audio system.

The factory handlebar volume control will control the music volume inside each Bluetooth headset, once linked and adjusted.

Either driver or passenger can also link their own cell phone to their individual Bluetooth headset, simultaneously with the Blu<>Hub dongle, for automatic switching back & forth between stereo music and cell phone conversations, along with normal helmet-to-helmet intercom options.

This new Bluetooth dongle will turn on and off automatically with the motorcycle ignition and there are NO BATTERIES EVER, to charge or replace.

We will be offering a hardware/software upgrade addition to this Blu<>Hub dongle system, with our exclusive JMAHP stereo/microphone profile on/or about July 2017.

The JMAHP software connection profile produces stereo signals to each linked headset with simultaneous and continuous microphone signals back to the Dongle, to allow for driver/passenger intercom and/or CB radio transmissions, to fully CUT-THE-CORD on the Honda GL1800.

This Blu<>Hub dongle kit is 100% plug-n-play into the GL1800 as a permanent and secure installation inside the left fairing pocket location.

With this J&M Blu<>Hub dongle system installed, CORDED helmet headsets can still be used at any time thru the standard headset connection plugs.

Made-in-the-USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona, with comprehensive linking and operation manual included.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017