Blu<>Hub Dual-Module Driver/Passenger Digital Stereo Bluetooth Dongle Kit


Blu<>Hub Dual-Module Driver/Passenger Digital Stereo Bluetooth Dongle Kit
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This is J&Ms Blu<>Hub® dual-module Bluetooth Dongle kit featuring the CSR/Qualcomm BlueCore8 IC chip-sets, loaded with J&M’s exclusive JMAHP software profile, for installation into 2001-2017 Honda GL1800/F6B.

This latest version of the JMAHP profile from J&M provides low-latency aptX™ digital stereo to the headset, (aptX decoding active with BT03+plus or later model J&M headset) with simultaneous and continuous microphone signals back to the dongle audio source, allowing full stereo music, private driver/passenger intercom and CB radio transmissions.

Now you can finally “Cut-The-Cord” between your helmet headset and the factory audio system on the GL1800/F6B WITHOUT sacrificing that great J&M sound!

This new J&M Blu<>Hub dongle will also link to most brands of Bluetooth helmet headsets available in the marketplace today and provide mono audio to the headset with simultaneous and continuous mike signals back to the audio system, for full intercom and CB radio communications.

The factory handlebar & dash-knob volume controls will raise and lower the music, intercom & CB volume levels inside each Bluetooth headset, once linked and adjusted.

Either driver or passenger can also link their own cell phone to their individual J&M Bluetooth headsets, simultaneously with this Blu<>Hub dongle, for automatic switching back & forth between stereo music/intercom/CB and individual cell phone conversations.

With this J&M Blu<>Hub dongle system installed, CORDED helmet headsets can still be used at any time thru the standard headset connection plugs, simultaneous with either of the Bluetooth headset links.

The Blu<>Hub dongle will turn on and off automatically with the motorcycle ignition and there are NO BATTERIES EVER, to charge or replace.

This Blu<>Hub dongle kit is 100% plug-n-play into the GL1800/F6B as a permanent and secure installation inside the left fairing pocket location.

The Blu<>Hub dongle is a snap to remove and plug into any computer via the standard USB port, for software updates direct from the J&M website should they be needed.

Assembled in the USA at their factory in Tucson Arizona, with comprehensive linking and operation manual included.

7 Member Reviews

Jonesboro, AR

I was one of the first people to purchase tjis. I also have a 1 star review here.

The guys at J&M took care of us and kept us update.

I was sent 2 new BT04 headsets when released at no charge to replace the others.

The new firmware updates are now here and are very good.

Sound quality is excellent and person to person intercome works great.

I would now hight recommend this product to anyone.

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Punta Gorda, FL
Updated review

Update : John from J&M has contacted me to help resolve this issue with the dongle 44 and BT03. They have come up with a fix and I will post my results when the issue is resolved.

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Kaukauna, WI
Same Issues as Other Reviewers

I also purchased the Blu-Hub and a BT-03 on the promises in the advertising J&M put out. I have been a long time J&M corded customer and expected these products to have the same quality. I thought my problems were strictly related to the BT-03, but reading the other reviews it's likely a combination of the 2 products. Sound quality is awful and not usable. I'm hoping that J&M takes care of their customers when they release the product they actually advertised. Until then I've wasted a lot of money and have a new helmet gathering dust while I use my old corded helmet. If nothing changes soon I'm going to have to write it off and move to a different product. If that happens it will be the last J&M product I will purchase.

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Punta Gorda, FL
poor at best

Just like others have stated, audio quality is very tinny. Factory GPS, stereo, CB are very hard to hear clearly. My phone will Bluetooth perfectly and audio is excellent, but anything connected through Blu<>Hub is poor at best. I have wasted approx $1000 on this and Bluetooth headsets, save your money.

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Indianapolis, IN
Sound is terrible.

I am glad I found these reviews as I was starting to think I had big problems with my bike's stereo. I have a 2010 and recently installed the dongle and purchased two new bluetooth headsets. What a disappointment it was to turn on the radio and not even be able to recognize the sing being played. I initially blamed it on the small speakers but upon plugging my iPod directly into the headset AUX plug I realized the speakers sounded very good. The problem lied in the dongle or the bike stereo. So after much research I've now learned that I have spent $1000 plus and have a crappy system. I can't listen to the bike's radio as it is just noise.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017