291 Universal Performance Series Headset


291 Universal Performance Series Headset
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Universal performance series helmet headset from J&M has been designed to be installed into most open face, flip-front and full-coverage style helmets. It features our AeroMike® III miniature boom microphone, two of our wide-fidelity ultra-slim helmet speakers in stereo, our universal clamp-on mounting system and the upper section (only) of our P-series 8-pin right-angle hook-up cord.

You will appreciate the superior ambient noise canceling and wind blocking ability of the latest version of our AeroMike® III microphone along with the fidelity and dependability of our new ultra-slim helmet speakers.

This headset can be connected to any factory installed motorcycle audio system, now and in the foreseeable future, just by interchanging the lower-section hook-up cord. NOTE: Required lower "P" style cord sold separately.

HOOK-UP CORDS: Required Lower Cord Sold Separately! You will need to choose a “P” series lower-section hook-up cord for proper connection of this headset to your audio system. Hook-up cord # HCPB to be used with: 1980 and later Honda® and J&M 5-pin audio systems Hook-up cord # HCPH to be used with: 2006 and later Harley® 7-pin audio systems Hook-up cord # HCPJM to be used with: the J&M JMCB2003 6-pin audio system Hook-up cord or with J&M portable Integrator® IV and other J&M 6-pin audio systems Hook-up cord # HCPHD to be used with: 1998-Up Harley® 7-pin audio systems Hook-up cord # HCPC to be used with: 1983 and later Yamaha®, Kawasaki® and Suzuki® 5-pin audio systems 1989-1997 Harley® 5-pin audio systems 1988-2000 Honda® GL-1500 with J&M passenger controller Hook-up cord # HCPTO to be used with: AUTOCOM EASI-7-Advance 7-pin audio system Hook-up cord # HCPEB to be used with: BAEHR Ultima SGS-09-03 5-pin audio system

75 Member Reviews

Ramat Gan, IL

Nice, not as good mosic sound quality as I expected.
When this product will die I will look for another brand

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Lawton, OK
It gets the job done...satisfied

1 - Great communication with the passenger

2 - Able to listen to the radio or USB thumb drive over headsets.

3 - GPS voice directions are clear.

love it!

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Traverse City, MI
Work well

I have three of these sets and they seem to work well. I've never owned any other types though. The comments about the poor/weak connector design which causes them to fail prematurely is true. After replacing two cords I installed them by forming a loop and securing it under the speaker cords. This puts the stress further down the cord on a straight part away from the L-connector and makes them last much longer. Shouldn't have to do that though.

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Virginia Beach, VA
Good Headset

Purchased two of these headsets. I am pleased with them. However, I don't have experience with any other headset. The speakers are slim and I did not have to modify my helmets to install. I have had them for about one year and they are working fine.

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Great value headset

I've been using J&M products since 1998 and i have no issues with their sound quality and mic performance. This 279 headset works great in my Shoe flip front helmet and the sound quality is good.
The only snag with all the J&M headsets is the position of the upper cord when connected to the helmet - because it protrudes below the helmet it gets alot of pressure everytime we put our helmet down the cord eventually fails. The wires inside the angled connector are strained and eventually they break, the cord then needs to be replaced. Other than that the headsets are great.

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