Fuse Block Power Plate for GL1800, F6B, GL1500, GL1200

Electrical Connection

Fuse Block Power Plate for GL1800, F6B, GL1500, GL1200
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Compatible with all Goldwing models (GL1800, F6B, GL1500. GL1200), Universal design fits most motorcycles.

Electrical Connection loves to break the rules.  The Power Plate is the only fuse block that accepts 3 fuse types; ATC, mini ATC and micro ATC.  Their patented design offers you unrivaled flexibility that hasn’t existed until now, in the smallest footprint of any fuse block.

The design allows simple and easy installation of electrical components – it allows the potential for future growth as well. Installation of a Power Plate helps to keep extra ring terminals off the battery – if you have had this problem, you know the value of having only one ring terminal to connect.

  • 6 individually fused outputs; entire unit is rated for 30 amps.
  • 10 gauge main power wire with fuse for increased protection.
  • Relay controlled (the relay is easily replaced) – it turns all accessories on and off with the ignition.
  • Dimensions – 2 1/2″ wide, 1 1/2″ deep and 5/8″ tall (without fuses or cover).

Electrical Connection includes a port for connecting a battery charger. The port is automatically disconnected if the key is turned on – very important as a battery charger can go up to 17 volts to overcome the resistance in a deeply discharged battery. Not a problem for the battery, but damage can occur to sensitive computers, relays or even your charger. Problem solved.

Mount the relay under the seat and the fuse block on the side against your battery.

All kits include silicone cover, 30 amp main fuse, PosiTap quick-connector, 3M DuoLock mounting pads, instructions and a legend decal to be placed near the Plate to document fuse function.

Proudly made in USA.

2 Member Reviews

What relay need help

I'm ready to install this product
but what relay it does not come with a relay or what type or part number for a relay.
so if someone can help what relay goes into the socket?

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Summerville, PA
Be Awear

Bought 2 of these they both were wired wrong had to pull wires out of plug in for relay and switch black ground wire and red wire to fuse box around or it was a direct short and will blow your 30 amp main fuse other wise nice small unit

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  • GL1200, GL1500, GL1500 Trike
  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017