Freewire Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Honda Goldwing


Freewire Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for Honda Goldwing
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Freedom From the Cord - Enjoy your Goldwing’s Infotainment System Wirelessly

With the new FREEWIRE when you connect it to your Honda Gold Wing, you can utilize all the bike’s Infotainment features WIRELESSLY!  Communicate with the CB radio, hear turn-by-turn directions from the bike’s GPS, rock out to your favorite radio stations and so much more – all through their Bluetooth headset.  Use an additional FREEWIRE for your passenger to talk over the Wing’s internal intercom system.  This is the item you have been looking for.

IMPORTANT: This item is currently compatible with the following Comm system models: 20S, 10S, 10R, 10C and the Cavalry Helmet.



Hear your bike the way it was meant to be heard: Wirelessly

The FreeWire is both a Harley Bluetooth adapter and a Honda Bluetooth adapter allowing for wireless connectivity to the bike’s infotainment systems. Wirelessly communicate via CB radio, hear turn-by-turn directions from the GPS system, rock out to your favorite radio stations and so much more all through your Bluetooth headset. Use an additional FreeWire for your passenger to talk over the motorcycle’s internal intercom system – All with the wireless freedom you’ve been longing for.



Listen to your bike through the 20S and take advantage of even more incredible audio capabilities from Sena

Thanks to the FreeWire, the Bluetooth adapter for Harley Davidson and Honda Goldwing motorcycles, you can wirelessly connect to your infotainment system while also being able to utilize the various capabilities of the Sena 20S Bluetooth headset. Enjoy a 2 km intercom between up to 8 riders, HD Audio, Voice Command, Group Intercom, Advanced Noise Control, the Sena Smartphone App and so much more.



Use the AUX import to hear additional inputs alongside your bike

The FreeWire motorcycle Bluetooth adapter also has a 3.5mm AUX port which allows you to directly plug in additional accessories such as a GPS device, radar detector, non-Bluetooth MP3 player and more – allowing you to hear them alongside the motorcycle’s infotainment system through your Bluetooth headset speakers.



Easily accessible mounting and charging accessories make your ride worry free

The FreeWire comes with two different mounting accessories, a handlebar mounting kit as well as a mounting cradle for on the bike itself, to conveniently secure the device during your ride. The unit automatically powers on/off with your motorcycle’s engine for maximum convenience, and for longer rides you can easily charge your FreeWire while using it with the included cigarette charger or Sena Powerbank. FreeWire is the Harley Davidson Bluetooth adapter that will eliminate the hassle of corded connection the bike’s CB radio and infotainment system.

5 Member Reviews

Laveen, AZ
I'm Sold

I pre ordered my freewire waited 2 1/2 months, bought duel S20's now saving for the 2nd freewire for the passenger. Everything I have tested is first rate, sound, phone, CB and mp3 all come in clear. Was a snap to pair installed in left side pocket (on the lid) my only complaint to many wires in the box. If you are ready to cut the cord then this is the what you should use. PS have some tips one where freewire #2 will be mounted.

yes no
Great but don’t try to overkill

From the Wireless 20S headset to Freewire - WORKS Great. Really not much to improve on with the basic functionality. CB is now Bluetooth with a simple connection. I can listen to CB, Sat Radio, GPS instructions and talking on the CB people say it is much clearer.

Pair a Mobile phone to the 20S and can take phone calls on the bike. While talking on the phone - communication to the Freewire is on hold. So that works great too.

Pair another 20S to the 20S while connected to freewire - Haven’t figured out when it works and when it doesn’t. Most time I can talk to a buddy on his 20S and CB at the same time. Other times I lose my friend on his bike and have to power off and on the 20S.


Basic CB bluetooth works great. Trying to do more than it was designed for is an error on my part.

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yes no

I'm a long time user of the SM10 and SR10... both were good at what they do..

The Freewire is something of a "better buggy whip" as CB radio is an old technology with declining use overall. That said.. this product does fill a need to enable a 'wireless' ride at a reasonable price.

What I've found is the quality of sound coming from the wing audio is improved and background noise is better controlled.

If for no other reason than doing a good job of eliminating the wires and maintaining a high quality sound from the wing's audio sources..this is worth the investment

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Laveen, AZ
Who needs a cord?

I pre ordered mine and waited, and waited almost 2 months it is worth the wait. I have the S20 paired with it and get all the cord provided. I oped to stick in the left pocket box and use the included charge plug. If your going bluetooth you need to get this! The real plus you look waaaaay to cool.

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Indio, CA
Excellent Product

We made the move to wireless a year ago when we did away with our hardwired headsets and went to the Sena 20s communications system. We love being wireless, but wanted to be able to access the radio and CB on the Goldwing. Here is the solution! The Freewire plugs into the wired helmet connection on the bike and then connects with the Sena headset via bluetooth. Simple. We immediately had full access to full Goldwing audio (radio, CB, Aux, etc) via our wireless Sena headsets. As usual with Sena products, there arent any instructions in the box other than a very simple quickstart guide. Detailed instructions are available on the Sena website.

A couple of things we learned:
- We initially had a LOT of echo in the intercom. Finally figured out that we had both the Sena wireless intercom function on AND the Freewire was also picking up the bike's intercom system and they were fighting each other. Turned off the bike intercom and problem solved.
- There really isn't a simple clean way to mount the Freewire to the bike. They provide a stick-on bracket and an elastic strap for wrapping around the handlebar. Both look kind of funky, but they work. Keep in mind the Freewire isn't waterproof - it is water 'resistant'.
- If you ride 2-up, you need a second Freewire for the passenger. Each Freewire gets paired with it's respective helmet headset. Since both the Freewires look identical, we used a Sharpie to mark which one goes with which helmet.

All in all, we are VERY happy now with our audio/intercom setup. We are completely wireless and that makes things super convenient.

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