Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light Kit for F6B, GL1800

Long Island, NY
Very Bright - added visibility

I absolutely love these lights. They add so much more light at night and make me much more visible at all times.

Installation was a bit tricky - I was able to snake cabling up through the fairing simply enough on one side, while the other side was a royal pain in the the a$$. My hands are of average size and I just could not get the wiring to where it needed to be. I should also mention that the lights were very slightly off when it came to matching up to the fairing holes, but not enough to really matter. It's just something that only I know about and is really not visible. It could even be due to my own inability to properly align things. Adding into existing connections was a snap - no worries there. Everything worked as it should. Switch provided looks to almost be OEM on my 2016 Wing.

This is a DEFINITE must have item. You will be happy you bought them.

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Would be five stars except two issues

Fog lights work well, very bright.

Installation is a little challenging, but not terrible; worst part isolated to F6B and Valkyrie owners.

Two issues:

1. F6B owners - beware that you will need to splice into factory wiring at mirrors to get running and turn signals to work. I recommend using an adapter that goes between the Honda factory connectors so you are tapping into wires that are not directly part of the bike's wiring. For example, the Kuryakan 7301 adapter.

I feel Big Bike Parts should provide an easier way to install these wires to the F6B. the way they do for the full Wing.

2. I have to call Big Bike Parts because my left signal flashes the Tridium driving lights, not the amber lights, when signaling. Right side works the way it is supposed to. Wiring has been double-checked.

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Bad cables, intermittent lights

The light look great when they work but due to intermittent connectors, the signal lights at the driving lights arew intermittent. If I move the correctors at the mirror end the blinkers will work for a while.
If this is not fixed the bike will not pass inspection.For this reason I can not recommend these lights.

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Riverview, FL
Does not work with Pathfinder LED turn signals

I have the Pathfinder LED Sequential Turn signals # G18DTC, on my 08 GL1800 and this fog lights # 52-915 will not work with them due to the pathfinder LED lights do not use all of the wires that the stock turn signal does, ( it does not use the marker light wire) The Fog lights use this wire for the turn signal and running lights to work properly. Install was easy but wish I would have know about the incompatibility before I got these. The reason for 3 stars is just for that.

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Long Island, NY
Great Lighting set

These lights are fantastic and will make you VERY visible. I like the fact that they function as daytime running lights that can be even brighter when the switch is flipped. The connectors are plug and play, but I found it a little difficult to snake the wiring up through the cowling. I wouldn't let that stop me from buying them though. I am not a fan of nighttime riding, but when I do have to ride at night, I turn these lights on a it illuminates the road like you wouldn't believe.

I also like the integrated turn signals. The more lighting you have, the better off you are.

I will echo another users comment that one of the lights is a little off center in the cowl holes. Not enough that anyone else can tell, but I can see it.

All in all - two words - B U Y T H E S E !!

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Hemet, CA
Fabulous addition!

Added these to our 2015 Anniversary Edition. Love the look and features! No adjustment in the cowling though and one doesn't sit quite right. Only noticeable to the folks looking too close for bike errors. Install wasn't horrible. Recommend double checking the connectors for loose wires before closing up cowling.

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Manhattan Beach, CA
No adjustment for cowling

I love how these look. Plug and play - they were truly easy to install. However, they do not have an adjustment for the cowling position and one of them sits just a tad bit out of alignment.

My wife saw me coming home one night and commented on how much they add to awareness of a bike on the road ahead. She saw me from a mile away.

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29 palms, CA
Incredible Lights!

Hi friends, Added these lights to my 2015 F6B with no problems. The lights are thoughtfully built and ascetically pleasing. I love the integrated turn signals and the bright Fog light. Gives the bike the same effect as high end cars whose day time running lights turnoff while signaling a turn. Factory switch looks great and fits well too. They do have the ability to aim the beam but mine required no adjustment.

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Calhoun, GA
Tridium LED By Show Chrome

I have to say that when you identify a product problem (previously note here in the reviews)to the folks at Show Chrome, it's worked to completion. Thanks to Brandon for his tenacity and complete dedication toward working a problem until its fixed. The Tridium LED Lights work excellent, both the daylight running lights and the full up Driving Lights. Recommend this product and buying from Show Chrome.

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Manistique, MI
Poorly made product with great intention

On the face these look and seem excellent. The turn signals, driving, and fog lights are a great idea and do look good once installed. However this is a poorly made product. I followed the instructions exact. The right fog light doesn't work. I verified this by checking the power source right to the light. The bulb is dead which I understand happens and hopefully they will replace it soon. After I reinstalled the light from checking for power one of the bolts of the right side bracket broke off and is now stuck inside my wing. This was just from using a regular hand tightened socket wrench. Also, the connection for the turn signal on the right side had problems. One of the wires kept coming out of the connector which caused another reinstall to correct the issue. If there was just one issue I would understand but after 3 separate things I can say it's a poorly made product. I would not purchase this again and should have paid the extra to get the Pathfinder lights instead.

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