Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light Kit for F6B, GL1800

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Tridium LED Fog/Running/Driving Light Kit for F6B, GL1800
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Tridium LED Fog Lights are 200% brighter, giving greater visibility than ever before with all new enhanced photometrics. A true fog light disperses their beam low and wide to provide increased visibility in rain and fog, as well as greater visibility of other vehicles out there on the road seeing you.This kit integrates the latest automotive design with a true three function LED light, allowing not only brilliant fog light illumination, but daytime running lights and turn signals to increase being seen and letting your intentions be noticed.

The Tridium LED Fog Light is fully adjustable, allowing you to put the light where you need it most. Rubber isolation bushings provide a stabilized, vibration free light that is water sealed for weatherproof assurance. Easily installation and come with OEM quality illuminated switch, wiring and all needed hardware.  Fits 2012 and newer OEM lower cowls with rectangular light knock-outs or can be used with the BBP# 52-908 Chrome Lower Cowl with all GL1800 models 2006 and newer.

Very Important Notes:

  • This may not be a plug and play unit on non-US spec bikes.
  • When installing on a 2001-2010 Goldwing, the factory lower cowl will need to be replaced with 2nd Gen version or with a Show Chrome 52-908 Chrome Lower Cowl (Available under Recommended Products on this page).

BB52-916 fits 2006-2010 Airbag Models & 2012+ Non-Airbag and Air Bag 

BB52-915 fits 2006-2010 Non-Airbag Models (NOTE: 2001-2005 requires part # BB52765 wire harness) 


23 Member Reviews

Playa del Rey, CA
No adjustment for cowling

I love how these look. Plug and play - they were truly easy to install. However, they do not have an adjustment for the cowling position and one of them sits just a tad bit out of alignment.

My wife saw me coming home one night and commented on how much they add to awareness of a bike on the road ahead. She saw me from a mile away.

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29 palms, CA
Incredible Lights!

Hi friends, Added these lights to my 2015 F6B with no problems. The lights are thoughtfully built and ascetically pleasing. I love the integrated turn signals and the bright Fog light. Gives the bike the same effect as high end cars whose day time running lights turnoff while signaling a turn. Factory switch looks great and fits well too. They do have the ability to aim the beam but mine required no adjustment.

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Calhoun, GA
Tridium LED By Show Chrome

I have to say that when you identify a product problem (previously note here in the reviews)to the folks at Show Chrome, it's worked to completion. Thanks to Brandon for his tenacity and complete dedication toward working a problem until its fixed. The Tridium LED Lights work excellent, both the daylight running lights and the full up Driving Lights. Recommend this product and buying from Show Chrome.

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Manistique, MI
Poorly made product with great intention

On the face these look and seem excellent. The turn signals, driving, and fog lights are a great idea and do look good once installed. However this is a poorly made product. I followed the instructions exact. The right fog light doesn't work. I verified this by checking the power source right to the light. The bulb is dead which I understand happens and hopefully they will replace it soon. After I reinstalled the light from checking for power one of the bolts of the right side bracket broke off and is now stuck inside my wing. This was just from using a regular hand tightened socket wrench. Also, the connection for the turn signal on the right side had problems. One of the wires kept coming out of the connector which caused another reinstall to correct the issue. If there was just one issue I would understand but after 3 separate things I can say it's a poorly made product. I would not purchase this again and should have paid the extra to get the Pathfinder lights instead.

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Calhoun, GA
Almost Good

I have these lights installed on a 2015 GL1800, I also have the switch back turn signals from Electrical Connection installed (don't know if one effected the other). Each time I apply the brakes the daylight running (and turn signal)lights flickers on and off. Contacted Big Bike Parts and their trying to find a solutions but no joy yet. Any help would be appreciated......

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017