LED H7 Headlight Bulb Kit for GL1800

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LED H7 Headlight Bulb Kit for GL1800
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From the ground up, this is the most superior LED headlight bulb you can install.

  • Thermal “Air Flux Cooling” naturally draws heat out and away from the housing.  No fans.
  • Billet aluminum spacers for superior heat transfer from bulb to heat sink.
  • Phillips ZES LED’s that were designed exclusively for automotive LED headlight applications.
  • Light point sources are identical to a standard H7 bulb for full reflector splay.
  • Same bulb for either high or low beam (same as OEM).  Pitch angle completely adjustable.
  • Instant operation unlike HID.  Unaffected by temperature or power cycling.
  • Constant current power regulator in a separate housing makes the bulb no larger than stock.
  • Zero noise induced into audio system.  Will not affect CB operation or require higher squelch settings.
  • No trimming of the rubber boot required.
  • One kit includes 2 each of the following; bulbs, power regulation units and spacers.


Element specifications (per element):

  • 6063 Aircraft aluminum construction.
  • 6000k color rendering.
  • 4000 lumen.
  • 360 degree light beam angle.
  • 24 watt per bulb.
  • 2.0amp (+/- .2) power draw.  Stock halogen is 4.58amp.
  • H4 connector for full plug and play operation.


The comparison pics were produced in a GL1800 headlight housing, with only one side being shown.

10′ between the markers and 50′ from the light source to the roll up door.

Your light will be double.

Very important point. EC does not DO NOT glue their spacer to the bulb assembly. They have seen other companies glues ‘gas off’ inside the headlight, leaving a film on their reflector. This decreases your light output.

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No butt
Great purchase!

After buying LED light from my local Powersports that were a pain to try and install, I returned them and ordered these LED H-7 bulbs from my local trike shop. They got them from Electrical Connection and I had them installed. Great bulbs. You keep everything stock so if you want to go back to stock you can. Just make sure you keep the adaptor for the H7 bulbs. So far I am satisfied with the output and brightness.

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Jacksonville, FL
Well Made

I ordered these for my 2012. It took several weeks for the order to be filled as Wingstuff was out of stock. No fault of their's. When it arrived and I saw the packaging, I though I accidentally ordered and Apple iPhone by accident. The packaging was Apple-esque. Very impressive. Usually Electrical Connection items are package in the most basic of plastic zip lock baggies. The quality didn't stop at the packaging. Having used automotive HID light sets on my wing in the past, I immediately got the sense that this kit was made specifically for the Wing. No modifying the boot or ill-fitting light bulbs with this kit. The quality of materials and the fit and finish is astounding. The install was very easy and straight forward and isn't much different than replacing the regular OEM bulbs. The LED bulbs give a near perfect light pattern of clean, crisp White light.The voltage regulator (ballast) are very small and easy to locate and mount behind the fairing or anywhere near the headlights. The heat sinks will fit outside of the rubber boot. This kit comes with everything you need for a successful install.

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