Lower Cowl Mounted LED Driving Lights for F6B, GL1800

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Lower Cowl Mounted LED Driving Lights for F6B, GL1800
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Driving lights that mount inside the lower cowl. • Low power draw/cool running waterproof LED lights with 3000 Lumens per light output, 6000 K daylight white color • Anodized 2” aluminum housings • Low & wide positioning has good road visibility • Increase visibility to oncoming traffic • Includes mounting hardware, “plug & play” wire harness, relay, dash mounted switch and easy to follow instructions • Fits 2012 and newer GL1800.

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The rubber backer for the lights were missmatched, I had two of the same side. They sent me another one no prob, but then I noticed that the lights would alternately dim and brighten... just enough to really notice. Now, maybe 5 months after putting them in, the right one has quit completely. I've check and I'm getting 12 volts to the light, but no light. I will call them and see if they will replace the light... but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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Bad Packaging, lights mismatched

The lights look solid enough, the instructions were ok after I read through them a couple times. The zip lock back melted to the blister pack when they heated everything to shrink wrap it. This means that when I pulled out the zip lock, it was torn and parts went everywhere.

The lights were mistmatched. It seems like I had 2 right lights. The rubber covers are trapezoids, or paralellagrams thus they are leaning one direction. They should be leaning opposite to the other; however, they were identical. Also, the left rubber cover was glued poorly. Since it was loose anyway, I pulled it off and flipped it and it orients correctly, but it's wavey and doesn't look great. Oriented the way they sent it, there was a gap on the lower right side.

I've contacted Rivco to see what they have to say about it.

The lights are VERY bright. That part I'm impressed with. VERY VERY Bright.

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Raynham, MA
Rivco is Amazing

Saw these lights on a guys wing some time ago and compared to the Honda ones that are twice the cost they were real nice..So I ordered a pair from wingstuff and wow!!these are small sun's super bright and a must for daylight safety and visibility. Unfortunately after only a few hours 2 of the LED's went dead . So I emailed Rivco explaining what happened. In 4 days time there was a new set not just one a whole set up harness and everything at my door. I didn't even get an email in response no questions. And I was simply asking who I should contact them or Wingstuff..Talk about standing by a product. Unbelievable...I will make it a point to buy more Rivco products from now on.. Really Nice Job.!!!!!!Oh and yes the lights are Unbelievable stuff happens and I'm sure it was just a couple of bad LED's or wire ....You will be seen with these in your cowls.

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