LED Replacement License Plate Bulb

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LED Replacement License Plate Bulb
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T10 (9SMD LED bulb - white) LED License Plate Replacement bulb is a 50W LED and will replace the stock incandescent bulb and change it into a white shining bright LED. Color Temp: 6000K. 250LM. Fits Honda GL1800 and most motorcycles. Plug N Play. Note: There is no LED Flasher or Load Equalizer necessary when replacing this bulb.

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LED Tag Light Upgrade...

Installed this to lighten the load (pun intended) on the electrical system and also save the socket from cooking and failing down the road. Works great, looks good, lasts a long time....

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Hanford, CA
Easily broken

I received this bulb from Wingstuff and installed it yesterday. I’m giving 2 stars because the light output was great and fit well in the socket. However, I rode roughly 20 highway miles and when I got home the light was out. I took the lens off to find the end of the LED had broke. Upon further inspection, it appears that the end of the LED is held in place with solder alone. I’m assuming vibration broke the solder. I was able to repair it by re-soldering the ends on both sides. We will see how long it holds. If it breaks again, I’ll replace it with an LED from elsewhere.

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henderson, NV
perfect fit, works well

perfect fit, works well

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South Bend , IN
Not a huge difference, but should last for a long time

Received this product yesterday from Wingstuff. When attempting to install last evening I did encounter a few issues. First of all, this apparently can only be installed in one direction, as opposed to a typical incandescent bulb.Make sure you test it prior to replacing lens.
It is also a bit thicker than the OEM bulb and I had difficulty inserting it into the socket. So much so in fact that I pushed the contacts back into the socket and had to take the socket apart and put everything back into place. A dab of a dielectric grease prior to installing this might be a good idea. Light output was OK, not that much different than stock other than being a bit more white. Not sure I would go thru the hassle again, but this should last a long time being LED.

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