Pathfinder LED High Performance Bulb 7443 Red

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Pathfinder LED High Performance Bulb 7443 Red
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Replace the 7443 bulb with the Pathfinder LED High Performance Bulb used for any 7443 applications. Popular on Goldwing/F6B for running, saddlebag and brake light LED upgrades. Instant intensity. 450LM Red. Plug N' Play. By SoCalMotoGear. Note: There is no LED Flasher or Load Equalizer necessary when changing just your running/brake lights.

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Update to Replacement LED Bulbs.....

All of the LED bulbs came in and I installed them today (6/23/18). The 7443 bulbs fit tightly into my 2010 airbag model, no worries about them falling out due to loose fitting bases. Looks great and is certainly brighter than stock and am glad I finally bit the bullet and spent the money. Now I won't have to worry so much about a bulb burning out while on the road. Even did the tag light with a white LED, much better.

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Replacement LED lights....

After reading the reviews about loose fitment, I bought one 7743 bulb figuring if it didn't work well enough, I'd not be out so much. Turns out, it fits great and tightly into my 2010 Airbag model. It's definitely brighter than a stock bulb. I have ordered 5 more to replace all of my running/brake lights (total of 6). Also ordered 4 amber 7743's to replace the turn signals and an electronic load balancer. I'd say replacing the stock bulbs with these is a definite upgrade that while not inexpensive, it is worth it.

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Hemet, CA
Workmanship of Pathfinder 7443 red bulbs

I purchased 6 of these to convert all rear bulbs on my 2015 GW to running and brake lights.
First observation: They did not "Click" into the OEM socket as solid als the OEM incandescent bulbs. They fit but not as well as they should.
Second observation: They provided great, strong light. But on one of the bulbs the center inside the cage was rotated about 20 degrees, so when observed from the outside it looked crooked in the lamp. Could not be fixed since the socket provides a predetermined position when locked in correctly.

When removing the lamp one little contact came out of the bulb socket and made the bulb useless. When checking the other bulbs they worked alright but all were lose in the socket.

Which esentially means they could either flicker on the road or fail completely. So I went and bought a Sylvania 7443 just to find out it was just as lose in the socket. Junk as well. As a last resort I bought a Philips 7443 Vision 12yr warranty ( They come in a two pack for $29 on the Internet). These locked into the socket with a solid click and some serious pressure. They will never come out. And are guaranteed form12 years. The pathfinders have NO warranty.

So buyer beware.

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Danville, CA
You can see me now

These are the brightest bulbs you can buy. At night my running lights are almost as bright as a factory brake light and the brake light.... well I have not even seen a car with brake lights this bright. I bought mine long before Add On Accessories bought this company out. I have the RED running and brake, YELLOW turn signal, and WHITE running / YELLOW turn in my mirrors. I have also put them on my trailer. I have had no fit issues with these going in or even two years later. Hands down theses bulbs are one of the best additions I have made to my 2012.

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neptune, NJ
Pathfinder red led 2012 gl1800

No doubt the Pathfinder RED LED bulbs are super bright, you will need to pay attention and plug these in and turn them on as a test before putting the bike back together again, reason, the tiny thin wire terminals are touchy, I will forever add dielectric grease when ever I take apart any connection or bulb, after I got my tail lamp back in I noticed that one of the bulbs was loose and it was not lighting up, back apart and I see the issue is the pathfinders don't really lock into position and easily pop out, the OEM glass bulbs are a tight fit, pathfinders are not, I simply used a small dab of hot melt glue to hold the bulb into the socket, I'm sure a dab of silicone will work too but you will need to let that cure, hot melt glue gets firm pretty fast and I don't think these will get hot enough to melt the glue out,sort of a design issue they might figure out soon, still worth 5 stars to make me visible !

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