LampGard Rectangular Fog Light Protector

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LampGard Rectangular Fog Light Protector
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LampGard™ headlight protectors from Big Bike Parts are designed to save you money in the long run. We all love to ride, so it’s inevitable that sooner or later, your expensive lights will be damaged by a stone or other road debris. Replacing your lights The best way to reduce or eliminate this expensive replacement is by covering your headlight or fog light with a durable LampGard™ to absorb foreign object damage. The newest LampGard™ is a rectangular pair for the 2012 and newer Goldwing rectangular fog lights. Held in place with heat tolerant hook and loop fasteners that are easily removed for cleaning. Made in the USA.

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neptune, NJ
Sticks and Stones ?

These lights cost so much this is a no brainer, They really keep the big nasty bugs, sticks and stones from turning the lights into road debri, the stick on tabs don't look too bad in real life either

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No butt
Simple, but effective!

A cheap price to pay for a what if, compared to the cost of the lights. The light lenses are glass, so these will protect the lights. I have had a rock hit my other lenses and crack the lens, cost me another set of lights since you can't buy just one.

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