ME 888 Marathon Ultra Tire COMBO for GL1800


ME 888 Marathon Ultra Tire COMBO for GL1800
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COMBO includes (sold as pair):

  • 1 Metzeler ME888 GL1800 front tire 130/70R18
  • 1 Metzeler ME888 GL1800 rear tire 180/60R16

The ME 888 or Triple 8 tires represent an Ultra High Mileage offering from Metzeler that couples long life with Metzeler's performance and handling. These tires are made for the GL1800 models.


  • The only Honda Goldwing specific tire featuring ultra mileage and Metzeler performance
  • Over 1.5 million kilometers of on-road testing
  • All new profile, carcass structure, tread pattern, and compound
  • Technology offering consistent performance throughout the tire's life
  • Outstanding high and low speed stability and smooth handling
  • Redesigned parabolic grooves for better water drainage
  • Siilca based resins, improving the level of chemical grip on wet surfaces
  • Deeper tread depth for vastly increased tire life
  • Tubeless

9 Member Reviews

ME888 tire feedback

The BEST rain tire for a Goldwing, period! I've put 4,000 miles on my ME888s, with,1000 miles of hard rain. I've had the Bridgstones (scary bad), and Avon Cobras (okay), but nothing handles like the ME 888s in the rain.

They also handle better than the other options in the dry. The chink in the armor might be longevity. At this point, they look like they'll make 8,000. TBD.

For me, it's the ONLY tire for the Goldwing. I don't stop for rain.

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Arlington, WA
Best tires I have had

I have 15,000 miles on my front tire and it just now needs to be replaced my back one has 10,000 miles on it and it still has good tread. I am very happy with these tires I have a 2004 goldwing and I am very happy with how well they perform in wet weather with road snakes . I will not buy another tire other than this

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Rochester, NY

I purchased a set of 888's and after just 914 miles I started getting a vibration and buzz noise on all road surfaces. The dealer says bike is prefect it's a tire issue. Metzeler wanted me to take the tires off, send them in and they'd determine if the tires are defective. Living in northeast were 4-5 months is the riding season, that was not a option for me. I decided I'd just get another brand, but Wingstuff contacted me, sent out another set, said they'd deal with Metzeler for me. They went above and beyond anything I expected and although I was already a customer, now I'm a customer for life. I do own 3 bike now, but my wife only rides the Goldwing....Thank you Wingstuff, I'll promote you to all my riding freinds.

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Plano, TX
Great at first

I now have 6K miles on the ME888 Marathon Ultra tires on my 2006 GL1800. When I first got them put on, I rode home in the rain, and they were GREAT! Fast forward to now with 6000 miles, and it's time to replace them. Very disappointing on the mileage...

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Jamestown, IN
I've found my tires!

Put a pair of 888's on last spring, and absolutely love them. This is my 4th set of tires, starting with Dunlop 250's that came on the bike, that were less than satisfactory in the wet. Then came a set of E3's that I liked even worse when it rained. After that I switched to Bridgestones that were no better, or worse, but the rear was down to the cord in under 10K. Having ran Metzler tires on a couple of BMW's in the past, I knew they might have what I was looking for, and sure enough, they stick like glue, wet or dry. No, they haven't worn as well as the others, but at least I feel safe when it rains, and that is far more important than tire wear. I've got right at 10K on these, and they are getting close to the wear bars. No cupping, no crazy wobbling, just stick to the road and go. I'll probably run them a couple more thousand, then buy another set. Some complain about the noise, but it isn't all that bad. I just ignore it and enjoy the ride.

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