Roundel Logo LED Illumination Kit

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Roundel Logo LED Illumination Kit
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A simple and classy way to get some additional side lighting on your bike.

  • Functions as both a running light and a turn signal with included circuitry. 
  • Weatherproof IP65 5050 surface mount LED.
  • Made in USA of imported and domestic components.

24 SMD LEDs create white light as a running light, then automatically switch to amber and flash in sync with the OEM turn signals.

Kit includes Surface Prep and Posi-Tap connectors.

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Wentzville, MO
Excellent Visibility (Easy to Install)

Love these lights! Adds a lot of visibility to your bike AND they tie in directly to your turn indicators (and turn Amber when activated!).

How to install:
*For a 2016 F6B and I am sure all others there is no need to remove the cover.
-Remove existing badge (be careful... you don't want to break it)
-Remove it using a hot hair dryer to melt the glue on the other side (or use heat gun... low setting)
-Use dental floss or fishing line to "saw" behind the badge to slowly peel it off
-no need for tools (plastic or otherwise - the floss or fishing line will work - when used with the heat)
-if you screw up the badge... never fear - order another one. Here is manufacturer part #BADGE, R. PRODUCT Part # 86211-MJK-N20,86212-MJK-N20 (Left side)

Clean the area thoroughly (use alcohol swab).
Run the wire from one side through the existing hole
Use a hanger or something to "fish" the wire from the hole up to the wires going into mirror (See included instructions for pairings)
Peel the red tape from the back of the led lights (the wire side)
Open activator "glue" and use small paint brush to put thin coat on both the cover and the led light area.
Stick it on correctly (make sure it's not too cold... warm it up if it is first)
Hold for 1 minute and you are good to go!

Connecting the wires:
Follow wire diagram in instructions... I used the included wire connectors (they work well) and reinforced with some electrical tape since I am obsessive to make sure it stays.

I am assuming you know how to take the panel and accessory box out already (hint... push in on the pins... then just pull out)

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Littleton, CO
Delivery Issues

Note, I will review the product in more detail once (if) I receive them.

Ordered in early March, now the last day of March and I still do not have them.
The supplier (Electrical Connection) seems to have an issue with providing product to WingStuff. (Not the 1st time I have experienced this with this manufacturer)

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Emblem lights

I just installed these lights on my f6b wing removing the factory emblems was a cake walk using my wife's hair dryer directions were horrible but thank god iam pretty good at installing accessories, they don't put out much light i think its a poor design but they do look cool, its a bit pricey for the poor Led output.

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