Cobra 6-Into-6 Slip On Muffler Black for F6B, GL1800 2nd Gen


Cobra 6-Into-6 Slip On Muffler Black for F6B, GL1800 2nd Gen
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Not available for sale in California.

Cobra 6 into 6 Slip On Mufflers for Honda F6B also fit GL1800 Goldwing 2nd Gen 2012-2014. These Cobra mufflers emphasize the six cylinders that power the classic Gold Wing engine. Cobra six-into-two-into-six slip-on mufflers for the F6B and Gold Wing look & sound amazing. Each have three separate bodies on each side giving bike six pipes total. 

Each of the three pipes on each muffler ties into a three-into-one collector that in itself is a marvel of engineering and production. 

  • Gigantic, clover-leaf shaped collector locks each tube into the perfect position, and a system of unseen brackets ties the pipes together at the rear. 
  • Cobra designed this system so that each pipe's arced bend matches that of the bike's bags, creating perfect visual symmetry. 
  • The ends also feature a radical slash cut giving them an even sportier look. If you can imagine the muscular growl of a high-performance Porsche at full throttle, you have the tone these mufflers produce. 
  • While louder than stock, they are still well within acceptable sound levels. And the tonal quality now matches the performance of the bike itself.


* Exhaust & Related Performance Products Are For Closed Course Competition Use Only. Not Intended for Street Use in California.

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Papa Bear
Saint Charles, MO
RUST - Really!

Installed the pipes, great look, great sound. Rode 100 miles, looked inside the pipes, rust. Contacted Cobra, Mike Lance. Here is his response.

Mike Lance
11:50 AM (8 hours ago)
to me
The baffles are down inside the pipe and just like a car when you start your bike it has condensation and that will cause the baffle to rust it is just raw steel. I have a set of mufflers on one of the bikes I ride and they were installed back in 2004. The baffle are rusted but they have never caused a problem or rusted through. I just paint them with the VHT. If you ever have a problem with the baffles or the muffler body rusting through to the chrome it will be covered under warranty but I doubt that will ever happen. Ride safe.

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Cleveland, OH
Designed just for my bike :)

In the beginning I bought it because of the look ... I have a black goldwing and wanted something for my bike but not chrome soo I bought the cobra ... easy to install and the shape of the pipes carved on the shape of bike ... I was amazed of the way it looked but I was even more amazed when it gave it a try ... sounds aggresive and amazing ... i enjoy riding my gold because of the sound and I'm visable on the road because of the sound of it

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Avinger , TX

I have pretty loud pipes on my Harley and enjoy them.
I ordered these Cobra pipe for my gold wing and they sounded great in my shop when I installed them.
Problem is at highway speed. They have a tone they is just painful. It is a droning sound that vibrates your head.
I sent mine back.

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