Kuryakyn Driver Backrest w/Storage Pouch for GL1800


Kuryakyn Driver Backrest w/Storage Pouch for GL1800
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This is our most popular backrest for your GL1800 Goldwing that features chrome hardware and is fully adjustable forward and back to match the riders most comfortable position.

Has a handy storage pouch behind the main pad & fits any Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle. Folds forward to allow passenger Easy-On and Easy-Off the motorcycle, then folds back into position for the rider. 

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Kathleen, GA
Update from 2011 review

Just a quick update, I have owned this backrest 9 years, during that time it slowly degraded but I dealt with problems, the locking mechanisms fail after two tear, at the three year point the arms holding the seat began to bend to the rear, fourth year the backrest material began deteriorating and I bought a sheep skin cover. The welded joints are rusting as are the seat attachments discoloring my seat material. (Garage kept) I have had enough, will not buy a replacement, I'm buying the Utopia backrest, reviews are good and I spoke with a few owners who have this backrest for 7-8 years an are very content with the product. Unfortunately I have not had a great deal of success with Kuryakyn products and I have bought quite a bit, sad their quality is poor. All my OEM products have weather time very well just saying.

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Deerfield, IL
Good Backrest

I have a gold wing trike bike. Since I sit where my feet don't touch the ground, I get cramps in my legs especially in city driving with frequent stoplight stops. I purchased the Kuryakyn backrest. I took it out of the box and because my bike was getting it's oil change and physical, I tried to envision how it went together and made one simple little mistake. I tried removing the spindle thinking it had to be reattached on the other side of the bar and found myself looking at three ball bearings and a lot of grease on my hands. Dumb move on my part. I finally got it back together and the Honda Service guy said it fits through one of the three slots and by moving the handle it locks into place. It seems really secure and comfortable and can't wait until I go on a long trip with a comfortable ride. Feels great so far.

Rob Cowan
Deerfield, IL

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Altamonte Springs, FL
Should have bought a Utopia

First off, I want to say the quality of this backrest is very good. That being said, a few things I don't like about this backrest. One is the tube and the locking mechanism at the side of the driver's seat. My passenger is short (5'2"), and they are constantly getting in the way of her legs. Second, the backrest comes up a little too high for me. The pad hits me right below my shoulder blades and gets irritating on long rides. Third, that bar again. When you fold it forward for your passenger to get off the bike, and go to fold it back, it catches on the factory seat backrest. I keep worrying that it is going to rip my seat one day. Just some things that I thought I would point out for others.

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Destrehan, LA
Not for tall folks

The adjustment would not move back far enough for me being 6'4". Otherwise the hardware is very good.

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Auburn, MI
great backrest

Installed new in 08. Have ridden 65,000 miles and works perfectly. Am now bying one for wifes new trike.

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