Taka Re-Curve Windshield for GL1500

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Taka Re-Curve Windshield for GL1500
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Important Note: This windshield is NOT designed for the rider to look through, but to look over with the re-curve pushing the wind above the rider’s head. 

The 'Taka', which is Japanese for hawk or falcon, pays homage to the GoldWing emblem Honda has used for decades. Long Ride Shields has long been an innovative designer of custom windshields designed to reduce the buffeting created as a motorcycle slices through the wind and to improve safety and stability while operating a motorcycle. The 'Taka' shield is a significantly enhanced design over the OEM windshield and reduces buffeting by more than 60%. Most windshields provide a reduction for the driver, but the passenger suffers greatly as wind surrounds the passenger and creates an uncomfortable situation. The 'Taka' all but eliminates this situation for the passenger which recent tests have revealed. 

Measurements are from the top of the fairing to the top of the shield, when shield is at its highest setting

  • Premium Re-Curve designed to push wind up and over your head, allowing the rider to clearly see the road ahead.   
  • Fitments: 1988-2000 GL1500  
  • Made from high impact resistant polymer.    
  • Made in USA

Additional Notes:

  • "GL1800 OEM Vent Included" option comes with vent that IS NOT installed in windshield. 
  • Vent hole size fits GL1800 OEM vent.


3 Member Reviews

Taka for GL1500 - Disappointing

I bought the 20" clear Taka windshield. The top of the windshield is about the height of my mouth. It looks good on the bike much like an OEM windshield, but the wind/noise reduction that I bought it for is not there. If I wear bright clothing (as I usually do when riding), the vertical portion of the windshield (near the top) reflects that color back in my eyes which is quite distracting. The only good news is that distortion caused by the extra curve in the windshield does not seem to be a problem.

I do not recommend this windshield for the GL1500.

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Rio Vista, CA
tented windshield

I love the windshield, no buffeting, however I got the tented shield that looks great but the glare off the windshield is very distracting to the point I'm about to take it off. I would love this same windshield only in clear

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Windsor, NY
Super Windshield

Have now had this w/shield about six months. Love it. Greatly reduced air buffeting for both rider and passenger. Very smart appearance and the scratch resistance is great. Easy installation. Had to lay the handlebars back slightly to accommodate the slightly more wrap around design. Found this to be more comfortable riding so it was a win/win. Great product!!

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