Taka Re-Curve Windshield for GL1800

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Taka Re-Curve Windshield for GL1800
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Important Note: This windshield is NOT designed for the rider to look through, but to look over with the re-curve pushing the wind above the rider’s head. 

LRS Taka shield is designed with our re-curve in the top of the shield which pushes the wind up and over your head. Made from a high impact resistant polymer. Available in Sizes 18. 20, 22, and Clear or Tinted. Shields manufactured and shipped in USA 

The 'Taka', which is Japanese for hawk or falcon, pays homage to the GoldWing emblem Honda has used for decades. Long Ride Shields has long been an innovative designer of custom windshields designed to reduce the buffeting created as a motorcycle slices through the wind and to improve safety and stability while operating a motorcycle. The 'Taka' shield is a significantly enhanced design over the OEM windshield and reduces buffeting by more than 60%. Most windshields provide a reduction for the driver, but the passenger suffers greatly as wind surrounds the passenger and creates an uncomfortable situation. The 'Taka' all but eliminates this situation for the passenger which recent tests have revealed. 

2001 - 2004 Goldwings may be required to purchase new 1800 vents.

  • Premium Re-Curve designed to push wind up and over your head, allowing the rider to clearly see the road ahead.
  • Measurements are from the top of the fairing to the top of the shield, when shield is at its highest setting.
  • Fitments: 2001 - Current Honda GoldWing 1800  
  • Made from high impact resistant polymer.    
  • Made in USA

Note: "OEM Vent Included" option comes with vent that IS NOT installed in windshield.



25 Member Reviews

Fremont, CA
Amazing air deflextion

I’m just back from 1700 miles of high speed Nevada roads and I couldn’t be happier with this shield. Taka bends the air over me like an invisible bubble. You can actually reach out and feel the edge of the bubble as the air flows over. I’m 6’3” and bought the standard size.

Installation was easy and he directions were good.

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Calgary, Alberta, CA
So far so good

I have purchased several windshields over the years and this shield is the best so far. I purchased the 24" with OEM vent. Fully extended I don't knock my head against it when mounting or dismounting the bike like I used to with my last sweptback shield. At 6'5" I have long waited for this design. The only thing I wish this design had is more width. Overall the best windshield I have ridden with so far.

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Fort Worth, TX
Worth the $$

I took off my Tulsa shield and put on the Taka, stock height. I am 6', and the top is just about eye level, fully lowered. The distortion in the curve is not bad at all, and overall it is at least as good, if not better than the tall Tulsa shield. If I had it to do over, I would get the shorter one (-2"). Not much wind noise in the intercom, and no buffeting. Great product.

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South Point, OH
I'm Impressed With This Windshield!

I didn't believe these curved windshields would work the way they were advertised, then I found a new 20" Clear Taka Recurve on Ebay for $69 shipped. I decided for that price I would go ahead a try it, glad I did! It didn't have a vent which I really prefer, no more dust or bugs in my face. I can look a couple inches over the top (I am 6' tall on a stock seat) and as long as I'm going at least 45 mph, I rarely get any bugs hitting my helmet. Buffeting has not been an issue. My only complaint is mine seems to scratch rather easily but since I'm looking over instead of thru, it's not too big a deal at this point.

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Marvin, NC
I Really Like the Taka Windshield!

I installed the Taka windshield without difficulty. I love the way it looks, and it works as advertised. I replaced the stock windshield on my 2008 Gold Wing since my seat height is too low to see above it without seat cushions. After carefully measuring as instructed by LRS, I ordered the size shield for my riding height. I can now clearly see over the windshield without wind buffering of any kind. I must stand about 6 inches (with my screen at the lowest setting) to get wind buffering on the top of my helmet. Like other reviewers, I do not understand the complaints regarding distorted views when looking through the windshield...it isn't designed for looking through, you must purchase the size that allows you to look over it. Anyhoo, I strongly recommend this windshield. I have been riding with mine for the past 2 months and haven't noticed a single scratch on it.

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