Taka Re-Curve Windshield for GL1800

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Taka Re-Curve Windshield for GL1800
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Important Note: This windshield is NOT designed for the rider to look through, but to look over with the re-curve pushing the wind above the rider’s head. 

LRS Taka shield is designed with our re-curve in the top of the shield which pushes the wind up and over your head. Made from a high impact resistant polymer. Available in Sizes 18. 20, 22, and Clear or Tinted. Shields manufactured and shipped in USA 

The 'Taka', which is Japanese for hawk or falcon, pays homage to the GoldWing emblem Honda has used for decades. Long Ride Shields has long been an innovative designer of custom windshields designed to reduce the buffeting created as a motorcycle slices through the wind and to improve safety and stability while operating a motorcycle. The 'Taka' shield is a significantly enhanced design over the OEM windshield and reduces buffeting by more than 60%. Most windshields provide a reduction for the driver, but the passenger suffers greatly as wind surrounds the passenger and creates an uncomfortable situation. The 'Taka' all but eliminates this situation for the passenger which recent tests have revealed. 

2001 - 2004 Goldwings may be required to purchase new 1800 vents.

  • Premium Re-Curve designed to push wind up and over your head, allowing the rider to clearly see the road ahead.
  • Measurements are from the top of the fairing to the top of the shield, when shield is at its highest setting.
  • Fitments: 2001 - Current Honda GoldWing 1800  
  • Made from high impact resistant polymer.    
  • Made in USA

Note: "OEM Vent Included" option comes with vent that IS NOT installed in windshield.



17 Member Reviews

brightwaters, NY
Taka Recurve

only had this windshield installed for a week and so far i already love it. i have the 20" and even at its lowest, it still has a lot less turbulence and wind noise for me. and mind you i'm 6 foot 2.

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Laveen, AZ
Taka Recurve

I have a shorter clear windshield with the vent and was getting blown away at freeway speed 16 wheelers doing 75 so I wanted to try something with a little more height. The good It is made in USA! has a heavy black mat to avoid scratches on the inside. I went with the 4" over and warn if your not at least 6' you will be looking through the windshield I just barely see over it at the full down position. Some complaints about distortion I did not experience that (looking through) and could see if it was on the curve that could exist. The price is very reasonable worth the try if your looking to replace that old scratched one.

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Ahhhh! The TAKA

Well, maybe I'm just an Old School guy with, what I estimate are close (or over) 1 million miles on a scooter or two, mostly Gold Wings & Valkyries.

My synopsis on the TAKA is that it works. I've read all the reviews and disagree with most of the negative statements, especially the 'looking through' comments. Objectively in motorcycling one should be able to look over the shield for a clearer, more unobstructed view of the road. I believe the TAKA was developed specifically for that purpose. The flip up design will certainly provide a distortion if one is actually trying to look through it. Again, the design is intended to be a 'look over' shield, rather that a 'look through' shield. Having read the details prior to purchase would have disclosed that fact. the fact that the shield flips up provides the benefits of wind flow being diverted from the head & eyes with the additional benefit of rerouting the occasional bug/rock strike.

All shields are adjustable for the benefit of placing it at the perfect height for the body of the rider.

By the way, I am not associated with the LRS folks in any way except as an extremely satisfied customer. I have the TAKA on my GL1800 and another on my Valkyrie. I am what is best described as a Combat Tourer. Multiple 6-700 mile days with a few Iron Butts thrown in. I unhesitatingly recommend the TAKA for Gold Wing riders, but do your due diligence first. The right height for your body type and riding style (slumped back or straight up). Customer Service is absolutely top notch!

And one last thing. If you're trying to eliminate the wind, as the fellow herein said, buy a car & roll up the windows. It's a motorcycle .... it's supposed to have wind. That's the whole purpose of riding a bike after all.

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Wing Rider
Monument, CO
Review of the 18"

Inspecting my first shield carefully after delivery and before removing the protective coating I noted that the box was open on delivery and that there was a crack at the bottom of the shield extending to the left mounting hole. I called LRS per the instructions that came with the shield instead of filing a claim through Wingstuff.

James in customer service apologized and said he would send out a replacement with a return label for the damaged shield. He didn't ask for a picture. He didn't require me to first send the damaged shield back. What company does that in today's culture? What a great company!

The shield arrived today. At 6'2" I ordered the 18" shield. After installing I took it for a test ride 2 miles against the wind at 80 MPH at the 17" level and 2 miles with the wind at the 16" level.

It does what it says it will do. If you want the wind hitting the top of your helmet for the air holes, put it lower. If not, put it a little higher. I did notice there was much less buffeting of wind on my helmet and sides. Those who are complaining about side wind may be wider in stature than I, but at 6'2" and 210 I am a good sized man. I have figured out how to eliminate all wind. Choose a vehicle with doors and a roof, windows up.

There have been some comments about distortion looking through the shield. Yes, there is some distortion at the bottom of the curve as it flattens out to the rest of the shield which you will notice in your foreground view looking through the shield. However, as mentioned several times, this is NOT A LOOK THROUGH shield. It is designed for you to ride looking over the shield, but not having the wind in your face. It works as designed.

Those who are having trouble adjusting the shield might not understand Honda's adjustment design. If you work with the middle mount with all windshields off you will find that the mount works on a ratchet principle. There are four positions. You must take the shield all the way to the top position, making sure it clicks in. This resets the ratchet and allows you to

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Just Wing It
Regina, CA
Not Perfect but better

I am 6'6" and have just put on the first 2,000 miles with a 22 inch Taka Windshield. Is it perfect? no but it is much better than the OEM or Talsa (shortened 3in) that I have been using. I am not a fan of looking through any windshield, therefore look just over the top. The Taka does push the air over my head, could have actually purchased the 24in as I have raised this one to almost the highest position. After absolutely coating the windshield with bugs my full faced helmet only had one bug splat. My wife still gets a little buffeting but says it is better.

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