Chrome Key Plate Accent w/Rubber Pad for 2001-2005 GL1800

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Chrome Key Plate Accent w/Rubber Pad for 2001-2005 GL1800
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Chrome Key Plate Accent for GL1800 Gold Wing features nice lower rubber pad to prevent scratches. Easily snap in place replacing black OEM key plate accent.

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Ionia, MI
Nice bling

Easy to install and adds just enough chrome to brighten up the area

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Sun City, AZ
Just enough chrome to lighten up the area

A great inexpensive piece too add a little chrome to the area. Been there over a year and still looking good.

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San Antonio, TX
Nice Bling

I installed this piece and broke one of the retaining tabs. However, the remaining tabs still hold it securely in place. I ride alot during all kinds of weather. I have not been bothered by any reflections or glares as some have noted. I guess it boils down to individual preference.

Installation note:
I would suggest to remove the meter panel then remove the old accent piece. Then I would install the new accent piece. The reason for this is to lessen the likelyhood of breaking a retaining tab while trying to install it around the key switch cylinder at the same time. Removing the meter panel takes the key switch out of the installation equation. Then when you reinstall the meter panel you can easily fit the accent piece around the key switch cylinder.

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South Point, OH
Looks Good!

I found this to be a nice accent piece. Easy installation and it looks good. I haven't noticed any reflection in my windshield but once in a while it does reflect some sun if it hits it just right though not annoyingly so.

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Sydney, AU
Beware if you are In Australia

Okay now as far as the product goes no problem, but I have a 2005 anniversary edition and the HISS sydtem seems like it dosen't like the chrome. Put the old black one on and bingo away she goes. Put the chrome one on and crank crank crank but no spark!! Anyway I am sure I will find a solution but in the meantime it will sit in the top box waiting for the solutin to hit me. If anyone out there had the same problem but now is fixed I woukld be greatful for the answer.

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