Pathfinder Running Turnsignal Rectangle Driving Light Kit

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Pathfinder Running Turnsignal Rectangle Driving Light Kit
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You get everything you need with these Rectangle Fog Lights with Integrated Daytime Running/Turnsignal lights! Add powerful LEDs to increase visibility while on the road and a separate set of LED daytime running lights, already integrated into the driving light, enhance the look on your motorcycle and improve visibility on the road. With the dual switchback technology, this daytime running light (DRL) is a white running light and when activated by the turnsignal switch, changes to an amber blinking LED. The single projector with High Definition optics and advanced LED design produces a clean white light and throws a wide horizontal beam. It will light up a wider view of the road ahead and cut through the rain and fog like never before. Fitment: 2012+ GL1800/F6B/VALKYRIE (Rectangular Style Cowls).

Installation: Plug N Play – Includes hardware, rectangle LED Fog Lights, relay switch, wire harness and instructions. Product mounts and installs to existing OEM factory pre-drilled holes and not to plastic cowl inserts. Installation videos are provided below.


  • The “WHITE” DRL lights remain on when there is power to the motorcycle. The amber DRLs are controlled via your left and right turn signals. The fog lights turn on and off via the fog light switch and are controlled independently from the DRL lighting. Check local/state regulations for using this light.
  • F1800C Valkyrie - The amber turnsignal will not function but the white LED does remain on when there is power to the bike.
  • 2001-2005 GL1800 models require P/N: 0105A [Plug N Play Adapter/Harness] Available in Recommended Products
  • F6B requires: P/N F6B1A [Plug N Play Adapter/Harness] Available in Recommended Products
  • Non U.S. spec bikes are NOT Plug N Play

Warranty: The parts have date codes and for the customer, the warranty begins from the dealer’s invoice/receipt. There is an insert informing the customer to contact/email the manufacturer for technical issues. The customer must provide proof of purchase from the dealer, be issued a RMA and the lights will be replaced or repaired. Warranty does not cover condensation as this could be a result of riding in different weather conditions.


21 Member Reviews

Money well spent.

Yet another product I should of purchased long ago. For daytime "can ya see me now" lights, I am 100% satisfied. Have not tried them at night yet. Turn signal portion is ok, not super bright but that is not what I bought them for. I do wish the (included) switch was only lighted when the fog light is on, currently it on full time, small issue, still get 5 stars on these lights from me.

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Payson, AZ
Great product

The installation took a while but worked out the way it was supposed to. The lamps are nice and bright. The switch provided needed to be modified to install (some tab sticking out the side), and it seems like it's very tight tolerance in the hole, which binds a little. The wiring in the mirrors was kind of a pain but worked with some patience. There was a little more of a gap than I expected between the light and cowl but it's only noticable if you look at it from a really low angle. The instructions just tell you to watch a video, and the video was great, but I wish there was a hard copy to reference so I wouldn't need to go inside to double check the video every time I move on to each step. All that said, they are way better than any other goldwing fog lights I've seen.

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Huntington Beach, CA
Pathfinder Run/Turn

These rectangle lights truly fit the opening in our lower cowls for fog and running lights. More daytime running lights make for a safer bike as other drivers don't see bikes.They see me now! The fact that they are also turn, and hazard lights also make me more visible. They look great when participating in parades, funerals, Patriot Guard, etc, when the four ways are on. Easy to install. Took me about an hour.
I like the fact that they are LED and require less power to operate and should last much longer than non led systems. I definitely would recommend these to a friend.

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Cleveland, OH
Loved the look of my goldwing with it

It is the best fog light in the market ... gives you the sexiest look on daytime and highest visibilty at night when switching on ... I used to have a different one and it has been breaking out from time to time but when I bought those last year I never had any problems till today

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Newark, OH
Very Bright, Works Very Well

I thought long a hard before I made the jump to purchase theses lights, but Im very glad I did. The lights installed in about an hour, but hardest part came when putting in the switch. I had to use a dremal tool to to trim a little plastic off the back cover of the electronic switch panel to be able to install the cover back on. Once the back cover was on, everything went back together and all worked as it should. As other reviews stated. When the bright fog lights are on, the yellow turn signal is difficult to see. When just the running lights are are on, the yellow turning lights are very bright. I recommend getting the flashers for LEDs. All the flashing synced up once I installed this flasher. If you make the jump and get these lights, you will not be dissatisfied.

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017