Digital Music Player USB/Aux/Bluetooth for GL1800 CD Input


Digital Music Player USB/Aux/Bluetooth for GL1800 CD Input
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Are you looking for an alternative to your stock Honda CD changer for your 1st Gen Goldwing? Look no farther!

This exciting digital music player from J&M will plug directly into the CD selected music input plug on all 2001-2010 Honda Gold Wing audio systems, replacing the Honda CD changer, at a fraction of the cost.

Store and play up to 550 MP3 song tracks (MP3, WMA or WAV) from your music library on a single USB Thumb drive, and toggle thru song after song using your existing handlebar audio system controls.

Plug in your remote mounted Satellite radio receiver or MP3 player, using the 3.5mm 3-conductor plug accessory cable and enjoy high-quality stereo music thru the Honda audio system CD selection.

Link by Bluetooth® your smartphone or Garmin® Zumo to the player and your smartphone stereo media or navigation commands will stream & automatically prioritize OVER whichever music files are being played from the USB Thumb drive at the time.

Control head mounts inside the tail trunk, in place of the CD changer, with direct under-seat plug-n-play harness for connection to the GL-1800 audio system.

This is a complete plug-n-play installation with pre-gummed Velcro mounting strips and installation/operation instructions.

Note: When installing this unit on 2009-2010 GL-1800s, if you wish to use the XM satellite radio feature of your audio system, with this digital music changer, you will need to purchase at additional cost J&M part# JMDM-ADT-GL18.

Supported Bluetooth Profiles:

A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)

AVRCP ( Audio Video Remote Control Profile)

10 Member Reviews

Baltimore, MD

I installed this unit 2 years ago and it still will not operate with the flash drives properly. I even purchased the software which was a waste of time and money. Called Wingstuff to complain, was given an email for the software designer to no avail. It does work decently for Bluetooth, however!

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Bismarck, ND

Just installed this unit, everything was going great, well until I pushed the A.SEL RPT/RDM button on the radio. Now the unit will not turn off with the key, had to pull the fuse for the radio. I have read reviews on the older version of this system with the same problem. I sure was hoping this issued was fixed. I have contacted J&M and still waiting for a response.

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Poor install instructions

I've been riding Goldwings since 1986 and it's really neat to see the new stuff come out as bikes get newer. I now have a 2006, just love it, even over my 2000SE. It has no CD player but I learned about the JMDM-GL18E from J & M. The sales guy told me about this and how easy to install and set up. Man he was wrong. Yes the install was easy, but the set up, forget it. I've tried calling the factory support, forget it, every time I called no one was around to help, leave a message. Did that, never get a call back.
The instructions that came with the unit does not do a very good job explaining how to load the music to someone like me that don't understand what the hell a Root File is. I've purchased several USB flash drives to set my music up to and installed like it states but nothing. I was hoping this was a simple plug and play so I could me real positive about it but I can't. To me it's junk that I pissed $140.00 away on.

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Colbert, WA
Very improved over the old

The J and M digital player shown is an improved unit over the old. Had one on a 2003 ABS bike that accepted a thumb drive or a SD card. It used to lock up when I switched from CD to the Radio and have to disconnect the battery. This one I installed on a 2005 GL 1800. No problems and crystal clear. This unit only accepts the thumb drive. It does not lock up like the old one.

However, keep in mind the complexity of a thumb drive is slower to react than an SD card. So always give the unit time to react when you punch the CD control buttons when switching tracks, channels, or over to radio and back. The low price makes it worth it compared to a Honda CD Player. My 2005 is a 1st generation bike so it only holds about 99 songs on each of the 5 channels. Plenty for me to listen to (500 songs).

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Fort Wayne, IN
Better than advertised.

Removed the cd player and installed this on my 03. Works great. I also bought the populating software to go with it, which made it very easy to load my thumb drive. The listing states that it will play 6 cd's with 45 songs on each one. I have mine playing 10 cd's with 99 songs on each one. The only issue I have had with mine was after I pressed the random button it did lock up. But that wasn't that terrible. Pulled the left side cover and then pulled the two fuses feeding the radio to reset it. Not a big deal. Now I know not to push that button. Sound quality is great, just as good or even better than the cd player itself. I also have linked my gps to it, which will pause the music and give directions. When the gps is done and silent the music will take back off where it left off.

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