Ergo III Cruise Mounts w/ Trident Dually ISO-Peg Gloss Black


Ergo III Cruise Mounts w/ Trident Dually ISO-Peg Gloss Black
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The ultimate cruise peg system designed for the rider who wants it all! No matter how tall or short the rider, our Ergo III will outfit you. Offering a full 1-1/2 inches of front to back adjustability & a rotational adjustable mounting hub it is sure to accommodate any rider for an unmatched level of comfort. Maximum comfort while cruising & the ability to carve up the corners. Featuring Automatic Lift Technology, the rider can push the peg lower to stretch out while cruising, then when not in use the arm automatically raises to maintain cornering clearance (or mount in fixed position if preferred). If you already have our Ergo II Cruise Mounts, update them to the same features as our Ergo III Cruise Mounts with the update kit. Comes as a set.

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Phoenix, AZ
Worst I have ever seen

I ordered these as I had the II's on a different bike. I had high hopes only to be let down during the attempted install. It seemed that the pre applied lock tight was so abundant that the bolts would not thread into the corresponding part. It was so difficult that ultimately heads of bolts stripped. Not to be deterred, I went and purchased some replacement bolts. Ultimately I got those to work. I then went to install the actual foot rests. This is where it took a turn for the worst. The left side goes on, albeit it took some work to get the clevis bolt in correctly. When I got to the right side I knew based on the other side it would fight me a little. I began twisting it in and low and behold the head twisted off. That was the last straw for me. I boxed everything back up and submitted a request to return.

Very disappointing

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Framingham, MA
Great look

I installed these on my 2016 Goldwing I went the glossy black to go along with the black out look on my Goldwing
I have gotten plenty of complaints

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Graham, NC
Love these

I install these on my 2015 gold wing. I really love them as they allow my feet to reach out and rest my legs. The fit is very good and the black finish blends in with my 40th anniversary edition bike.

The installation itself was fairly simple, but the adjustment takes some time so take your time when doing this portion. There is a set screw underneath each foot rest that adjust the angle of the foot rest and this was not Obvious at first until I read the instructions closer.

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Hi-way bars

They are hard to get use to, but when you do they are great.
I don't scrape going around corners.

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Boardman, OH
Good looking product

Installed these on my 2015 with CSC trike and ground effects. Had to remove the bracket holding the ground effects in the front to allow access to all the screws for install but other than that install was great. It took a while to figure out the steps to make them no movable as i did not need that feature on the trike.

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