Saddlebag Lid Organizer w/ Logo for F6B


Saddlebag Lid Organizer w/ Logo for F6B
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Stylish and practical! This Saddlebag Lid Organizer is embroidered with F6B logo and helps you sort out your personal items. Sized to fit 8.5"x11" paper. Fits left or right saddlebag door. Great for your next road trip!

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Tampa, FL
Caveat Emptor

I purchased the lid organizer about a year ago. It adheres to the inside lid of the saddlebag with two-sided sticky tape and velcro. It didn't hold up...and the most weight I ever put in it was the owner's manual. I would recommend buying some industrial strength velcro and using that to fasten the organizer vice the supplied tape. It is a handy little organizer however...just be aware that it may fall off eventually if you use the supplied tape system.

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