Kuryakyn Chrome Luggage Rack w/Rubber Inlay for GL1800


Kuryakyn Chrome Luggage Rack w/Rubber Inlay for GL1800
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Kuryakyn Luggage Rack for Honda GL1800 is our Best Selling Chrome Billet Luggage Rack and fits all Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycles. Also fits With or Without the optional Hondaline Top Trunk Spoiler installed. Fits With or Without optional Hondaline Lighted Top Trunk Spoiler.

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Princeton, LA
Chrome plating is terrible!

I have bought many 100's of dollars of Kuryakyn products and the chrome plating on every single one has been horrible. The chrome plating has lasted barely a year on a travel rack, cruise pegs and drink holders. The chrome plating deficiency is at least consistent across their product line, I guess. I have spent many 100's of dollars on their products and have initially been delighted in the modern design and fitment, but have ALWAYS, with every product, been disappointed with the chrome deteriorating prematurely. Know, before you buy, that the products are well engineered and fitment is impeccable but that you are buying a very short lived product as far as real world functionality. Most other after market companies seem to have "gotten the memo" and listened to their customer base. Kuryakyn without a doubt, has totally disregarded their customers call for an equally well engineered product with better quality chrome plating. They have been producing the same "junk" chrome plating for years now.

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Nashville, TN
Very Poor Chrome Plating

I have a 2006 Goldwing and I never put anything on the rack until I went out west in 2014. I carried my helmet on it and sometimes a sleeping bag. I always had a microfiber cloth between the rack and anything I carried. The chrome plating wore off quickly and there was a copper color under it. The chrome started peeling off and now the rack sits outside on a scrap heap. I have the holes in the trunk plugged up with clear sealant. I want another trunk rack but I would be forced to get another one of these for the holes to line up. I wouldn't waste my money on another Kuryakyn. I have seen better chrome plating on bathroom fixtures.

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No template on where to place the rack

I was surprised to find no template for the placement of the rack on the trunk. I was planning on putting it on quick one day until I opened the bock and there was no template. I had purchased the spoiler to go along with it, and had to put that on first. I recently bought a new 2017 Goldwing and purchased a bunch of Kuryakyn parts to go on it. So far I've had problem with each one I have put on the bike.

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Colbert, OK
Very nice

If you have the brake light spoiler you will need to use the risers. Easy to install and once on, it is snug and has no rattle. I would purchase again.

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3 years and it still looks good

I bought this rack 3 years ago, and it is still looking great. It may be priced a little higher than the others, but it's built a little better. The chrome doesn't look cheap and there are no pits after 3 years.

I use the rack all the time. It's not just for looks. If I'm not using the fitted Kuryakyn bag, I just use a bungee net to hold stuff down.

If you have a break light / wing on the trunk, make sure you buy the risers that go with the rack. Make sure you follow the instructions to a tee. You want to make sure you have all of your alignment right before you drill!!

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • Gold Wing Tour 2018-2019