Cycle Cover with Honda & Goldwing Logo


Cycle Cover with Honda & Goldwing Logo
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Protect your Goldwing with this official cover. Honda wing logo on the side and the Goldwing logo on the front. Sturdy, waterproof material. Features a moisture-venting system and soft inner liner. Separate zippers allow access to rear trunk and saddlebags without removing the cover.

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Portland, OR
Decent cover

This is a good heavy-weight cover. Fits a little loose but that's not necessarily a bad thing. And the zipper might come in handy.

My one complaint is that it doesn't have reinforced patches for both antenna fold-overs, at least mine didn't. It only had the right side patch for the radio antenna, nothing for the CB side.

For me this is a glaring oversight for an expensive full-cover sold by Honda. I know from experience that this is where the cover will fail. I own't buy this one again, there are better, cheaper options.

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Richfield, WI
Cycle Cover with Honda & Goldwing Logo

I already had a cover before buying this one, but it's bad enough having to store your baby during the winter....It might as well look awesome when doing so!!! The cover is from Honda so it fits better than you can imagine. The zippers installed for the trunk and side compartments are great for getting something out without having to take the entire cover off. The "Honda" and "Honda Goldwing" emblems look great also and make you proud of your baby even if you can't ride her yet!

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Mario A.
Cambria Heights, NY
The best I've owned.

I love this cover. It t fits like a glove like a well tailored suit. I love the access to the trunk as well as the saddle bags without taking the whole cover off. Great idea. Trust me, you'll love this cover as much as I do.

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Jacky R
Westerville, OH
Quality Cover

Very high quality cover and easy to cover the Wing. Doesn't compact as tight as all those "el cheepos".
You get what you pay for though. I recommend the cover to any one.

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Ottawa, CA
Great Quality - Fits Like a Glove

Bought this to go on a trip to keep my bike dry at night. Easy to put on and the compartment zipper feature is great! Definitely Recommend!

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