Chrome Lower Front Cowl for Rectangular Fog Lights

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Chrome Lower Front Cowl for Rectangular Fog Lights
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Big Bike Parts® offers a brilliant chrome lower cowl matching the GL1800 Goldwing styling for 2012- and later models. This Show Chrome Accessories® lower cowl is made with the same exceptional quality Goldwing riders have come to know from Big Bike Parts®.

With rectangular knockout blanks, made for Show Chrome Accessories® LED Rectangular Fog Light Kit, you can ride your GL1800 in style, having that brilliant chrome finish you’ve come to love, all while maintaining your original rectangular OEM styling. Upgrade your earlier 2001 through 2010 GL1800 Goldwing to the Rectangular Lower Cowl Style and combine with Big Bike Parts® new LED Fog Lights (See Recommended Products on this page - BB52906) to maximize seeing and being seen. Designed with reinforced tabs for a stronger secure fit over OEM and mounts with existing hardware.

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Cape Coral, FL
Poor fitment

Before purchasing this lower cowl, I purchased fog lamps from Socalmoto. They are rectangular and match the shape of the Goldwing cowl. After installing the lamps and new cowl, there are gaps around the lights and the right side lamp is partially covered by the new cowl. I know this is just a piece of chrome covered plastic but I would have expected it to fit better. As for the knockouts, it’s almost impossible to cut out without chipping the “chrome”.

I always hate to give negative reviews but this is not a part I’d recommend. The Goldwing is a high quality bike and it deserves high quality add ons.

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Federal Way, WA
Bad Chrome - Good Company

Revision to my review (see above) 4-13-2017
Good Job and a warm THANK YOU to Rodney Enriquez with and Brandon Westphal with Big Bike Parts Inc.
They both took time from there busy schedule on several occasions to call me and discuss this situation.
At Brandon’s request I emailed him some pictures of the area. Based on those pictures he felt this appeared to be a warrant-able item and the return process was started.
By the end of the day the issue was resolved. I received an RMA from Wingstuff and Big Bike Parts. I had another new piece on its way to me and within a very short time after returning the old piece for inspection I received notification of a credit issued to my account.
Thanks guys for the follow up and the follow through. You both deserve a raise.
Dave Borel

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Federal Way, WA
BAD chrome

I bought this 9 months ago...It started pitting within 3 months and now the chrome is lifting / peeling. Did'nt even get one riding season out of this product...I will be reinstalling the stock lower front cowl.Unless you want this to last a very short time. I would suggest DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Goldwing riders expect better then this from Show Chrome and Wingstuff. Order #767118

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • GL1800 Trike 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017