Kuryakyn Armrest w/Drink Holder for GL1800


Kuryakyn Armrest w/Drink Holder for GL1800
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Kuryakyn Armrest with Built in Drink Holder fit any GL1800 Gold Wing and feature a Hide-Away Passenger Drink Holder that Folds In or Folds Out anytime you need it. Offers passenger much needed comfort as well as adds a nice chrome custom look to your bike.

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Auburn, WA
Hold onto your drink!

Wife loves the armrests, but the drink holder is way too big for the standard water bottle. Doesn't take much of a bump to lose your beverage, she's lost several. Good product as long as you keep a hand on your drink most of the time!

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McKinney, TX
Very satisfied

I installed on 2010 model and it has performed perfectly. Wife loves the flexibility it provides. When I travel alone, I can place a travel bag on the rear seat and use a bungee cord across the armrests to help hold the bag in place. It will NOT support much weight. Have to make sure it isn't used to support body weight. And I did rotate one of the arms too far to the rear of the bike and sheared a limiting roll pin, but I was able to easily replace it and it works perfect. No rust, but I keep the bike in the garage in Dallas.

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Gilbert, AZ
2 yrs and going

One of the first things I got after more lights... 2 years ago. Install took some time to ensure it was correct but works well. I have been in rain, snow but still no rust after over 2 years. Bike is in garage at home. The cup holder will take a variety of cup sizes by either using the bottom support or leaving it up to take much taller cups. The wife loves it and the arm rest is the perfect height for her. Is a pain to swing out to fully open the trunk but is over shadowed by the PROs. I recommend.

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Princeton, KY
Arm rest/ drink holder

So far so good works great

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Rust OK if you do not live in Florada or the Coast

I first purchased these in 06 for my wing. I have since replaced both for various reasons. The last was two years ago and they are now rusted to a point that I am ashamed of them. I called Kuryakyn and the most they offered was a discounted price that was higher than wingstuff. All these guys needs to do is to put on better chrome and at $250+ how tough can that be. All of my armrests have rusted. one to a point where it broke the arm. I cannot complain about the design and I get used to moving it to open the trunk but I would recommend against getting these if you live where salt can get to them or outside. Come on Kuryakyn, live up to your name. this has severely restricted what I buy from them anymore. I used to count on them but they go to China and have no quality control any more than anyone else I suspect. I would pay more for this if I knew the chrome was better

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