Comp-S Dual Chrome & Carbon Fiber Exhaust for F6B & GL1800 2nd Gen

Marysville, WA
Nice pipes

The reason we buy different pipes is to get a better sound out of our bikes. These pipes do exactly that, deeper tone more like sports car. I've had the other exhausts and was disappointed with the sound, not with these. The cars will know you are there.
Install was a easy, just take you time to get pipe adjusted correctly. A dab of oil on heat shield tabs helps to slide back in.

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Awesome pipes

Look if your into a quiet ride no way in hell should ever replace the stock pipes, now if you want more sound these are the way to go! My son got these pipes for his '12 navi and man these are wicked! After taking off the stock pipes we fired it up just to hear it without the pipes and its damn near the same with these pipes on. The sound it has is that of a high end sports car and to some these are loud but you should have known that a straight pipe with no baffle would be. I will recommend that if you are installing these yourself have an extra set of hands, steel wool, and a 12 pack. Just like anything with an exhaust system you'd want to use the steel wool to clean up the joints to smooth out and rust or debris before connecting the pipes. The right side went on without a hitch just like a post we read earlier. The left side was the issue but after rebuilding/chopping/customizing a few derelict '82 wings it was no problem. What we did was just bore out the hanger hole into a more oblong shape to give us that extra 2cm that we needed to fully seat it. Now if you are mechanically inclined I'd say go for installing it yourself otherwise if you can find a mechanic, have them install it for you to save you a potential headache as there can be a ton of small variances from the manufacturing process of not only your wing but also these pipes.

Now after a few months of riding long distance with the pipes he still loves them especially with that traffic in LA and now I'm tempted on putting them on my 1st gen 1800. They may need some tweaking to fit but hell 99% of aftermarket parts need to be adjusted anyway

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Aurora, CO
Super Nice - Great performance

Love these pipes. Beware....They are much louder than the stock pipes. The video gives true sound but not how loud they are. They are NOT Harley loud nor are they over the top crotch rocket loud. These pipes have a unique sound that is more of an older muscle car sound than a twin 4 cycle (makes since, since the wing is a 6 cylinder). After the stock pipes it took me a bit to get used to but now I love them. I have no problem hearing the CB, Intercom or radio. Great hummm on the highway. Had a bit of a problem putting on the left side but called TBR and they were great to work with. I definitely noticed an increase in horsepower. The engine can breath and it shows. Would not recommend to those who want a stock quiet ride. A little noise and more horsepower, put them on and enjoy!

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H. Jones
Exhaust Noise

I'm 71 and have a 2012 Goldwing. Been riding bikes for 55 years. These pipes were made beautifully, the fit was perfect and I could find no imperfection in them.
I was having work done on my Honda in Searcy, AR and had them put the pipes on. It's a 120 miles to my home from Searcy and by the time I got home I just pulled the pipes back off and put the stock ones on. The video on these pipes is very deceiving. They are LOUD. They might be fine for the FB6 but if you want to use your intercom, CB or stereo, you're out of luck. I had to put earplugs in before I got all the way home because of the steady drone behind me.
I live within 100 yards of a sheriff, state trooper and a city policeman. I wouldn't even think of riding around my neighborhood with these on. If you're trying to fit in with the Harley guys, these pipes are what you are looking for.

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Rochdale, GB
Only fitted for 3 days

Like many I loved the video and the look of these pipes so shipped a set over to the UK.

Fitting to 20 minutes each side with the help of my 14 year old son.

The sound is simply unbelievable and the motor opens up like a dream.

3 days later I removed them at the clear lacquer on the chrome finish is pealing off at the leading edge at the front f the left pipe.

I'm now awaiting feedback from WingStuff as to what to do now as shipping and taxes in the UK are ludicrously expensive.

Looks and sound are amazing. Finish quality not up to the standard I expect from a £500 set of pipes.

On a foot note - these pipes are LOUD! The video of the running bike does not come anywhere near close to the actual low down growl. Beautiful sound.

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Winslow, ME

Holy Frig! Louder than I thought they'd be. Look gorgeous on the F6B and sound pretty darned good to boot.

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John Jay
Waynesville, MO
Very Nice Sound Don't Hate

I have to agree this should be done with two people, however I wrapped a towel around the pipe and used a bungee cord to hold it up while I lined up the clips on the heat shields. It did take a little time getting it all lined up and all but man was that time worth it. Great sound for my F6B rode it to work this morning at 530am I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed that. You will not be disappointed. Thanks TBR and Wingstuff. JJJW

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