Comp-S Dual Ceramic Black & Carbon Fiber Exhaust for F6B & GL1800 2nd Gen

Two Brothers Racing

Comp-S Dual Ceramic Black & Carbon Fiber Exhaust for F6B & GL1800 2nd Gen
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Ready to bring your bike into a class of its own? Two Brothers Racing has developed an exhaust system unique enough to compliment the classic styling of the Gold Wing. TBRs background in performance is highlighted on this exhaust with horsepower gains. The systems are all handcrafted in the USA with all the TIG welds being perfected by hand.

  • Designed and tuned for max torque and increased horsepower
  • Carbon fiber end cap
  • All TIG welds done by hand
  • Made in the USA


* Exhaust & Related Performance Products Are For Closed Course Competition Use Only. Not Intended for Street Use in California.

6 Member Reviews

Nelson , NZ
What about the drone !

I really like the sound on ...
Start up, Idle , most acceleration and down shifts
I really don't like the sound st ..
60-70 mph , they drone and under some heavy up hill acceleration
I've only ridden 60 mile since I installed them and they look great by the way!
Contemplating some torque loopz to sort this issue out ie a cat delete option

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Avinger , TX
Poor design

These do not come complete ready to bolt on your bike.
They have a 4" long piece of bent pipe that goes between bike and muffler.
Slip in fit is so tight that once you get the pipe in you can't turn it to get muffler straight with bike or line up hanger bolt

Poor design, I'm two hours into trying to get the first one to line up without success

It took me 15 minutes to install the cobras

yes no

Best sound ever on a Goldwing. Got it for my husband for his birthday,but he couldn't wait till then. We got out there and had it on in less than an hour. He loves it. LOL HE SAYS HE WENT FROM A PRIUS TO A PORSCHE. You all are the best always fast to ship everything. Thanks again for a great job

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Joshua, TX

First off, the exhaust came well packaged. Having installed a set of V&H Monster Ovals on my 2010 Wing, I decided to go something different as the V&H are expensive and were just a tad too quite. They were nice, but the price is high.

This time, I went with the TBR's, lower price, black and sounded good on the video. However, like other vids I have found that what you actually get seems to be a tad quieter.

Installation is typical. Rights went on easier than the lefts did on both products, don't ask me why. I did not remove the heat shields to install. Right went on fairly easily with some muscle. The left was difficult and the bolt under the saddlebag did NOT line up. It was about 1/16th short. The flange was fully flush on both ends so no room for movement there. Took a rat file and files the bolt hole a bit and bolt slipped right in. From the rear you can not tell as both exhaust seem to be perfectly in alignment. Now for the sound. WOW! I have to say, out of the two I have had and listened to other friends Wings with various brands, these from TBR sound the best. Like the other reviews said, "Deep, throaty sound. There is no hum with mine and can hear the radio just fine. You feel you really have something under you. Love them... thanks TBR and Wingstuff.

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Lawton, OK
After installation I did not want to stop riding!!!

The installation took me a little over 1 hour, the problem: You cannot hold them up and align them up on your own (I got tired very quickly). Installation is definitely a 2 person job, after my 14 year old son decided to help me it was pretty simple and fast (he held them up while I aligned the connection). I was not impressed with the start up sound at first, but after taking it for a spend through town, Traffic literally stopped just to watch and listen to my 2015 GoldWing GL1800, even got a few thumbs up while traveling back home. Once I got home, I did not want to get off the bike... A very happy 2015 GL1800 owner and thank you and Two Bothers Racing!

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  • GL1800 2012-2017