King Snake Power Mufflers for GL1800, F6B

Torq Master

King Snake Power Mufflers for GL1800, F6B
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Instantly adds more torque & horsepower for GL1800 Gold Wing just by getting rid of those Restrictive Stock Mufflers and replacing them with these great sounding performance mufflers. Optional Quiet Baffles are available and shown at bottom of page as related product.

Listen to the SOUND >> click here to listen to exhaust!!

These sound great and Optional Quiet Baffles easily install in minutes whenever you want them quite such as long trips, etc. Torq Master Power Mufflers also give your bike a nice tuned sound but are not overly loud. All Torq Master Pipes are built using a DYNO JET 150 dynamometer to insure a Torque & Horsepower gain in addition to a little more sound. Direct replacement part for the stock Gold Wing GL1800 stock mufflers.

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The Walrus
1 year later

See my initial review below. I have had them on for a year now. So far no pitting or rust as mentioned below.

I ended up taking out the long baffle and only putting in the 6" quiet baffles. :) It wasn't loud enough for me.

I really like it now. Sounds good and in my opinion still not loud. I wear a 3/4 helmet and have no problems at freeway speeds with droning.

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The Walrus
King Snakes and TorqLoopz

First I ordered my pipes and loopz on a Saturday night. Monday I check the web and found that the quiet baffles are now being included free. I call and use my best please please and they agree to ship me out the quiet baffles free. Thanks Wing Stuff!

The install took me at least 7 hours because I measured that 1 5/8"inch cut a dozen times. haha.
Aligning them so they stuck out even at the back took me a half hour of repositioning but I got it. I am average mechanically...

As everyone says Jimmy is excellent in his help. I got them on and went for a good ride. The baffles were vibrating kinda like a snare drum sound when I let off the gas. Jimmy offered to send me a new set immediately, but I discussed a fix and will be doing that tonight. Basically I am pulling out the rivet holding in the baffles and bending out the lip around the outer edge to make it wedge into the pipe more.

Now about the sound. It is deeper and much more 'musical' than in the recording. I loved the muscle car sound cruising at about 3,000rpm. We'll see if it becomes a drone after my 1k trip in 2 weeks. But the sound is more than I hoped for both at idle and cruising down the road. As a reference I had a Kawasaki Nomad with V&H pipes and didn't mind the noise cruising so I may not be a good one to listen to about noise.

I'll wait and report again if mine rust. I used a high temp exhaust paint to coat the Loopz entirely and the welds on the pipes because of the other reviews noting rust.

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king snake pipes

I also ordered these pipes along with the the torque loops, sound was ok, i was expecting more growl, but definitely more pickup...This is the 2nd year i have them and they are pitting already, not a good quality of chrome at all and warranty is only good for 1yr :-( good chrome is not suppose to deteriorate that fast...very unhappy....

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Surrey, CA
Torg Master Exhaust

Though I love the style and sound, I can't recommend this product. After two years they are pitted so bad, its an embarrassment to have them on my bike. Going back to the stock units that I had on the bike for the previous 6 years that still have no blemishes at all.

Its a shame as the folks at TorgMaster are really nice to deal with and that makes this review very hard to pen.

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Delphos, OH

I bought the mufflers 1 1/2 years ago the bike is garage kept. Went to wash it this spring and muffler s are solid rust manufacture only has a year warranty on muffler. Motorcycle chrome should not rust in my book

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