USB Emergency ID Black

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USB Emergency ID Black
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EPIC-id is changing all the way we think of medical identification. A streamlined, impact- and waterproof silicone bracelet with a stainless steel clasp and USB port, it saves and stores all of your pertinent information in case of emergency. That way, if something happens, EMTs, firefighters, police, and first responders will be able to insert your EPIC-id into their on-board computers and access important medical information without the need for a charged phone, passwords, or a Wi-Fi connection. Digital emergency forms come pre-loaded on the EPIC-id, making it simple to input your personal medical information and make updates as often as necessary. Simply insert the EPIC-id into any Mac™ or PC to access or change your personal information, medical history and insurance information. EPIC-ids are reliable, comprehensive and self-contained, making them the future of the med-ID market.

Note: Item is non-returnable once it has been cut to fit

Product Details:

  • Waterproof USB 
  • Comfortable Silicone Band 
  • Durable Stainless Steel Clasp 
  • PC + Mac Compatible 
  • One Size Fits All; Custom Cut The Bracelet To Fit Your Wrist 
  • Easy To Update 


2 Member Reviews

Great Idea

Put as much or as little information on it as you wish; current meds, allergies, and emergency contact info.

EMTs don't need anything else to start treatment.


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Wylie, TX
Secure info?

I am contemplating buying one, but have concerns that anyone can access the info should the band become lost, break, or even stolen. Lots of personal medical & other info captured within this unit. Great idea though!

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