Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800 Honda


Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800 Honda
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Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL!800 are available Individualy or as a Complete Kit that includes Two Sets of Front and One Rear Brake Pad Set available at our Discount Pricing!

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San Antonio, TX
OEM Brakes

Just installed rear brakes on 2013 GL1800, brakes work as they should.

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Lake George, NY
Honda oem pads

Oem pads are the best. Have tried others but always come back to the OEM pads.

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Port Elizabeth, ZA
Safety does not have a price tag

I have been using only genuine Honda parts for years now and still believe in only having genuine parts fitted to my Wing. It might be slighty more expensive but putting your life at risk to save a few bucks is really not worth it. Not only does OEM parts guarantee the quality but you know it is designed for what it is claimed for. I had a few friends that insist buying the cheaper option, ending up to replacing the disc as well due to the wrong compound and eating away the disc. If you spend so much money buying a Wing might as well spend a little extra keeping it in top shape.

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Jacksonville, FL
Stick With OEM Brake Pads

After looking at reviews of the many different brands of brake pads and reading tech/performance specs of the many different compounds, I decided to replace my OEM brake pads with OEM quality. Stick with the OEM brake pads. The engineers at Honda have already done the homework for you. These brakes perform well without grinding your disc down and without undue heat buildup.
They were very easy to replace. The front brakes took 25 minutes and at 45k miles, the rear pads were only 1/2 life. I believe at least 15% of my brake pad wear came from my first trip to The Tail of the Dragon.

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Break caliper spreader

Just use a small "c" clamp screw it in and push the piston back in the caliper, works great!

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