Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800 Honda


Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800 Honda
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Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL!800 are available Individualy or as a Complete Kit that includes Two Sets of Front and One Rear Brake Pad Set available at our Discount Pricing!

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keota, IA
Stop! don't stop. STOP!

These are excellent brake pads, and less expensive than from a dealership. They were easy to install.

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Saint Charles, MO
Well made

I installed these and you can't go wrong with these. Obviously fit and function is perfect. A little tip in reply to previous review, to spread the calipers use a simple drum brake adjusting tool available at any auto parts store. It is an L-shaped tool. Just insert the L-end prior to removing old pads and pry the calipers open. Then the new pads won't be damaged and fit over the rotors with no problems.

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Perth, AU
OEM Brake pads

2005 GL1800 158Km
Have only ever used OEM pads as they last a lot longer than the after market pads
Have convinced 4 other wing owners to use them as well and we now do bulk orders to save on shipping to Australia
I have never felt concerned about the ability of the pads to pull me up when it is necessary

Cheap pads cost more in the long run

Now all we need is for wingstuff to find and sell a caliper spreader and then brake pad changing would be so much easier
Thinking of a pair of reverse pliers (IE squeeze to open) with plates to insert into the caliber and force the pistons back so new pads can be inserted.
I have yet to find anything suitable on the web

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san diego, CA

Now what man does not need these I ordered for him he add things to the wish list then tells I think I need this next.

Thank you for your support and help when I have needed it

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Duluth, MN
easy install

Found the job to replace the brakes on the 1800 to be fairly easy . I had purchased a lift to make maintenance easier nice to have at a workable level with the help of a factory manual rear you pull the plug from the bottom then pull the pin pinch in the pads in to push in the plungers slidethe old ones out and new in repeat the same on the left front . It takes longer due to pulling fender , rotor covers, and caliper cover never crack the bleaders to push pistons in. Stopping on a dime again

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