Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800 Honda


Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL1800 Honda
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Factory OEM Brake Pads for GL!800 are available Individualy or as a Complete Kit that includes Two Sets of Front and One Rear Brake Pad Set available at our Discount Pricing!

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Bremerton, WA
Why would you use anything else

I have always used these. I do a lot of in town driving and at low speeds (<15mph) so my breaks always get a work out. These work great and hold up good too.

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Ontario, CA
Great Quality

I've used other brands on my 2nd bike to try to reduce replacement cost and learned my lesson(s). Can't beat OEM. Also can't beat the price.

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Road Map
Columbia, SC
Would not use anything else

I spend a lot of time in the mountains riding and still get 24000 miles on a set of brakes.They work great in the rain also.There are two things I really depend on and this is one of them.

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Bowie, TX
Stop It !!

I was replacing the front wheel bearings on my 2007 GL1800 and noticed the brake pads needed replacement. After looking at the alternative pads, I decided to go with OEM Honda Pads. Heck, I got 43,000 miles out of the originals...why not ? I have to admit, I live out in the country, so I'm not in heavy stop and go traffic much. But 43K is great for a bike this heavy !!

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Lemon Grove, CA
Simply the best pads available

It's not often that the factory part beats out ALL other aftermarket brands, but when it comes to Brake Pads, ONLY the Hondaline OEM pads will do the job.

I ride on the Gold Angels Motorcycle Drill Team, and the slow-speed maneuvers we have in our routine requires near-constant trail-braking to control the speed and maneuverability. This means we go through a lot of brake pads, and I can tell you from personal experience, aftermarket pads don't even hold a candle to the Hondaline pads.

In particular, stay away from EBC pads. They overheat very quickly, causing "Brake Fade" on the rear caliper which is extremely dangerous. I can ride 30-40 minutes on the practice field on Hondaline pads before needing to give my Goldwing a rest, but EBC pads cause brake fade at about 10-15 minutes.

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