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Chrome Plated Ride Off Stand
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Power Park Chrome Plated GL1800 Ride Off Stand replaces your stock center stand in minutes. Never have to struggle putting your bike on the center stand again. This make it so easy you wont believe how little effort is needed.

PARK - Stop and balance, shift to reverse, lower the rubber power park foot lever, park in stable vertical configuration

RIDE - Mount bike from either side, engine to first gear, ride off and stand retracts!! Lifting your GL1800 onto the center stand is now So Easy. These allow Super Easy Ability to put your GL1800 up on the center stand due to the short stand design, Chrome Plating gives your bike a nice custom look.

if you need to raise rear wheel off ground like the stock stand, simply place a wooden board or something strong under stand and wheel rises off ground like before.

Fitment Information:

  • Standard F6B Models require OEM hardware kit to install ride-off stands


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Sun City, AZ
Great Product

I had this ride off stand on my last 1800 and it is a great mod to have. My son and I put it on very quickly and the chrome works great with the rest of my chrome additions.
Getting the wing on the stand is a piece of cake. I can actually put it on the stand in my bare feet. I put the bike in first gear and pull the clutch in and put it on the stand. Doing this makes sure that the bike will not come off the stand even if the bike is situated in a downward position.
One of the best mods that I have installed so far.

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yes no

I received the stand and was very disappointed in the fit and finish of the stand before and after it had been chromed. It looked like a first-time high school shop project in welding class.

The cautions that came with the stand included always parking on a slight incline and more which led me to return the stand for a full refund.

I recommend staying with the stock stand configuration and having it chromed, which I chose to do. I finally learned that the key to using the center stand is all about proper technique!

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Not too bad of an install, I had the black one on my 2004 and knew I would get this in chrome for my 2008. Looks great, now the whole bottom of my bike is chrome and clean looking.

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Gonzales, LA

Okay I love the look. But in the directions they tell you they don't guarantee the chrome

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  • GL1800 2001-2017
  • F6B 2013-2017