Fairing Wind Deflectors for GL1100/GL1200

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Fairing Wind Deflectors for GL1100/GL1200
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Adjustable fairing wind deflectors have a single smoke wings, chrome mounting brackets and hardware to install. They attach to the fairing trim edge and requires drilling to install. Allows the driver to adjust the air flow for a more comfortable ride. Fits GL1100 and GL1200s. Pair.

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cheap hardware

I bought these air deflectors to combat the intense heat coming off my 87 Aspy in the summer months .
I was a bit skeptical of the strength of mounting with just 2 bolts on the edge of the fairing, but properly installed , these things are awsome !
Lots of huge air directed just where I need it.
The wings themselves rate a solid 5 stars. Keep in mind that my 87 does not have a lot of room to spare on the fairing edge , so these are as big as you could expect to mount there .
My only complaint is with the cheap hardware to mount These require a drilled hole and an expanding anchor , that sadly is a cheap china imitation that will only cause frustration as you try to turn them and strip out the threads as they randomly mush/break off.
I consider myself as quite handy , and am lucky to have an industrial supplier to get the real thing .
It may be out of order to mention other companies ,
so try to find " steel rivet nuts for plasics".
Even these are a bit of a trick to install .
If the moderator allows , I can report back with the name of the supplier /part # and instructions

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